Sunday School



Teach kids about God’s attributes and character

Kids4Christ uses the Children Desiring God (CDG) curriculum to teach kids about God’s attributes and character, to help our children find their refuge in God alone and come to desire God in their lives with Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour and Lord.

Sunday School begins at 11:00am every Sunday with 30 minutes of worship at our Second Worship Hall. Our Kids4Christ Worship Team, comprising adults and kids, conduct this session. Nursery and Kindy kids worship separately with their class teachers and helpers.

The kids then adjourn to their classes for a solid, one-hour study of Bible truths and applications. Lessons are taught through role-plays, object talks, storytelling, PowerPoint presentations and movie clips. The CDG curriculum provides an exhaustive teaching plan for each lesson that teachers prayerfully modify to suit our culture and kids’ ages. Each class is assigned two teachers and two helpers and they plan their own service rosters.

Class Teachers and Helpers

Teachers teach, while helpers facilitate discussions and help maintain class orderliness. New helpers are often paired with experienced teachers so they can be mentored to teach after a season of helping out. Each team serves six-month sessions (Jan-Jun or Jul-Dec). Some teach the whole year because of their attachment to the kids!

Kids4Christ Worship Team

The only requirement to join this team is a heart that loves to worship God and a desire to pass this on to the kids! Come join us – jam for God during practice on Saturday evenings and lead the kids in worship on Sunday mornings. You will be blessed!

Devotion Team for Family Worship Service

We share children’s sermonettes, object talks and skits at our Family Worship Service on the third Sunday of each month at our Main Sanctuary. Come and book one of our five-minute slots if you have the gift of simplifying or dramatising biblical truths for the young.