Christianity Explored

Would you be comfortable sharing the gospel in MANDARIN?

To the worshippers in our English congregation, would you like to learn how to share your faith in Mandarin?

Yes, here is a challenge which goes beyond what we read in Saturday’s Daily Devotion.

Using the Mandarin version of Christianity Explored, Pastor Huang will guide you so that you will learn to share the Gospel in Mandarin. There is a huge mandarin speaking (only) segment in our society and this tool will be useful sooner or later.

Registration is simple – contact Ps Johnson Chong (012 – 2882769) of our Mandarin congregation and pass him your details. He will share the zoom link for the 2 training sessions below.

Dates: February 27 (Saturday) and March 6 (Saturday)
Time: 8:30-11:30 AM
Trainer: Pastor Huang Ziyang

2014: Pastor Huang graduated with a Bachelor of Divinity from Moore Theological Seminary, Sydney, Australia.

2015: He served in Anglican Church – St. Mary’s English Church, KL.

2017: He was called to start the Chinese Church at St. Mary’s and established the Wangdao Church where he is currently serving as a pastor.