Frequently Asked Questions

What does the logo stand for?

The Pantai Baptist Church logo is made up of two crosses. The inner white cross points to the light from the gospel of Jesus Christ that shines outward to all people. The outer yellow, red, and blue cross stands for the people drawn inward towards the gospel. (The colours are those in the Malaysian flag.)

This logo points to our dual aim of shining the light of the gospel outwards from our church to the city and beyond, as well as, to draw people from all nations to be united in worship to our Lord Jesus Christ.

What does it mean to be a congregational church?

Congregational church government is a key characteristic of Baptist churches. (The other is believers’ baptism.) What this means is the last and final court of appeal in all matters of doctrine and discipline lies in the hands of members in the local church.

Baptist churches are not governed by bishops in Rome or elsewhere, nor by a regional synod, or by a president of a denomination or chairman of a trustee board, nor even by a small group of elders inside the local church. Rather, under the authority of Christ and God’s Word, the local congregation itself is the final authority.

For the day-to-day governing of the local church, this authority is delegated to Elders and Deacons elected from among the members in the local congregation.

Elders (including the Pastor) are responsible for governing the local church, guarding the gospel, teaching God’s Word, and tending to the ‘sheep’ that Christ, our Chief Shepherd (John 10:11; 1 Peter 5:4), has entrusted to them.

Deacons assist the Elders by caring for the physical and financial needs of the local church. The practical ministries of deacons exist so that the spiritual ministries of elders can be fulfilled.