Vacation Bible School

Our first Vacation Bible School (VBS) was held in 1961. Since then, a group of enthusiastic and dedicated men, women and youth have been coming together to successfully organise the VBS each year.

Why is VBS so special? VBS is:

  • A fun-filled and engaging outreach event for our Sunday School children and their unchurched friends
  • An event where the Main Sanctuary and classrooms are transformed via creative decorations into myriad, distant destinations, where God is always to be found
  • An event entirely run by volunteers – from the wonderful ladies of Karis Fellowship who cook and serve delicious snacks, to the talented working professionals and college students who dream up and actualise amazing decorations and games, and the faithful Sunday School teachers and youths who conduct the teaching sessions, it is truly an annual, intergenerational affair at PBC.

Through the years, VBS has evolved in many ways. Morning and afternoon sessions were held in 2008 and 2009 when enrolments peaked at about 360. T shirts were printed for kids and volunteers from 2001 when we began to use Lifeway programmes.

From 2014, God has inspired and enabled our VBS Committee to plan our own themes, complete with curricula, original songs, T-shirt designs, games and crafts! We endeavour to continue organising VBS every year to impact kids with the good news of the Gospel and Jesus’ love.