PBC Education Plan


Pantai Baptist Church (PBC) seeks to implement a teaching program for the edification of members. The objective of the education plan (PBC EP) is to equip members of PBC with an overview of the Bible so that they may have a better appreciation of messages delivered from the pulpit.

It is not the intention of the PBC EP to engage in a seminary level study of theology. Such an option, should any member desire it, has been made available through participation in programs conducted by the Malaysian Baptist Theological Seminary (MBTS). Interested members may contact MBTS for further details.

Summary of Education Plan

Phase I

The courses will be taught by suitably knowledgeable members from within PBC, who have volunteered to participate in the teaching of the modules.

The PBC EP seeks to provide teaching and foundational understanding of Scripture and its contemporary application. Beginning with pre-believers, PBC will periodically run “Christianity Explored” (CE) to introduce seekers to the Christian faith. This would be conducted in alignment with the church’s Baptism and membership preparation course.

New believers (whether from CE, the ongoing Sunday School education, Boys’ Brigade Ministry and other sources of seekers) will be channeled to a course to provide assurance of salvation through the Christian faith. Subsequent teachings to build on such foundation and assurance will include:

1) The Growing Disciple – outlining the steps in the Christian walk
2) A survey of the Old Testament
3) A survey of the New Testament
4) Basic Doctrines
5) An introduction to biblical hermeneutics (biblical interpretation)
6) Introduction to Church History

Phase II

At a later (and more appropriate) time, it is intended that “deeper” studies may be organised on topics such as:

1) Faith and righteousness
2) Prayer and worship
3) Baptism and the Holy Sacraments
4) Christian ethics in the Market Place
5) Doctrinal issues – including marriage, divorce
6) Core Baptist doctrines
7) An overview of the Christian and other worldviews

At this time, it is intended that the above teachings will be established as an ongoing education plan for the disciples’ understanding and contemporary application of Scripture.

Training the Trainers

It is also intended that there will be discussion and development with suitably qualified PBC leaders on teachers’ training, coordination and alignment of Care Group studies with the pulpit curriculum. It should be the hope and prayer of the church that members will be encouraged, not only by a systematically implemented education curriculum, but also by the presence among them of matured believers capable of engaging in a deeper conversation about Scripture and its application in our contemporary world.

This proposal sets out the ongoing intention and objectives of the Biblical Education Committee (BEC). We believe that, in the light of the rapidly growing non-Christian influences in today’s world, it is the responsibility of the church to engage in an ongoing consolidation and establishment of a strong Christian ethos within the church membership and to continue the teachings that bring grace and eternal salvation to those who believe and also to those who would come to believe through the witness of PBC members. And we continue to pray to Almighty God that, with His guidance and wisdom, PBC would embark on an ongoing and coordinated education plan that answers a rallying cry – Gospel Above All – and that Pantai Baptists will be a gospel people who will constantly and loudly and unashamedly talk about the Gospel.

Approved by the Council of Elders
July 2019