Counseling Services

Pre-marital counseling and counseling services

Pre-marital counseling and counseling services were established in 2014.

Pre-marital counseling is an important platform to help members and friends who are preparing for marriage, while counseling provides a platform to assist those facing emotional challenges.

Call Pastor Cheng Cheung, 012-641 7889

Counselor Available

Bro Stephen Wong provides lay counseling assistance for members and worshippers in the following areas:

  • career and studies
  • ⁠family and marriage
  • anxiety management
  • ⁠pre-marital counseling (by Stephen and Phoebe Wong)

Call Bro. Stephen, 017-298 0546

Chinese speaking Counseling



如果你或身边的亲友现在正在遇到人生的低谷: 正面对家庭、夫妻关系、亲子的挑战、男女交友的问题而感到失落无助,不妨寻求他人的帮助,让受过训练的辅导牧者开解你 , 为您祷告 ,并陪你走过人生的死蔭的幽谷和艰辛的困境,您可以借助别人和自己的潜在力量,突破自己、治愈好自己和自我继续成长。

每逢二和周五. 从1- 4pm 都可以联络班底浸信会的 Pastor Andrew

辅导电话是 +603-7957 5103

There is a three-pronged approach to counseling at PBC

Counselling of individuals, couples, or families who are struggling with life’s various demands and looking for real solutions. We welcome not only PBC members, but also anyone, whether Christians or non-Christians.

Showing pastoral care by visitations to needy people in our midst, e.g. immobile, senior or sick people, single parents, divorced couples, grieving families etc. to minister to them through our presence and support.

Offering helpful workshops, seminars, or conferences related to family issues throughout the year.