Coffee Connection is a platform for us to mingle with other church members, guests and visitors […]
Our Mandarin Service mainly caters to senior citizens whose ages range from 40 to 84. The […]
Our Cantonese Service was started in 1995 by Pastor Isaac Yim to cater to the needs […]
Tadika Jack & Jill was established more than 47 years ago as a ministry of the […]
Pre-marital counselling and counselling services were established in 2014. Pre-marital counselling is an important platform to […]
Care Groups are important in the growth of the church body. These subsets of the church […]
The Ladies Fellowship Ministry (LFM) seeks to help its members care for one another via sharing […]
We yearn to be the visible expression of God’s love and compassion to the community and […]
Pantai Baptist Church’s Young Adults Ministry (YAM) caters to young adults aged 18 to 35. Its […]
Young people need an energetic and dynamic platform to spur each other on in their walk […]