Testimony by James Foo

It’s been a while since I did a long night run, but tonight it seemed an apt closure to a long work week.

A few things came to mind as the pavement stretched ahead:

1. We are where we are because of God’s grace. It’s easy to claim credit for our successes and abilities, but we would do well to remember who first enabled us, and from whom our gifts came.

2. We live our lives thinking we have years ahead of us, but nobody is promised such a certainty. We tell our friends, “See you next week!”, taking it for granted that we will. But nobody is promised such a certainty – we only live each day by God’s grace.

My Muslim friends often respond to such expressions of intent with “Insha Allah” (“God willing”). Shall we continually ask God for help to number our days and use our time wisely?

3. Challenges assail us not because we deserve to be assailed, but because we live in a broken, imperfect world. A character from a TV series put it aptly, “All life is a series of problems which we must try and solve.” We can and should take heart that our Creator God is aware of our circumstances and knows what we need. Shall we trust Him to provide for and guide us in our times of need?

4. Trudging back to the hotel after my run, I set my sights on a sundry shop (thank God it was still open!) and promptly zeroed in on the refrigerated 1.5L bottles of juice. Overcome by thirst, I guzzled down a bottle before even making payment! Apple juice never tasted so goooddd…

Dare we say, then, that God allows challenges and the attendant frustrations in our lives, so that we can experience the sweetness of His presence and deliverance? Oh, how it would be like to thirst for Him like my physical body thirsted for that bottle of sweet refreshment…