Testimony by Chew Chee Wan

If we want to share the goodness and the awesomeness of the Lord where do we start? It is not on the material wealth that we have accumulated or the properties that we have acquired. It is not on the number of overseas holidays or cruises that we have enjoyed. Rather, it is the close personal relationship and our walk with God. It is the sharing of the joys, burdens and fellowship with His saints

Leading a victorious and joyous life in the Lord does not mean that there are no challenges in our lives. We have had our fair share of ill health and challenges that can last us a whole life time! But it is a privilege to experience and know that His grace is truly sufficient for us; to experience His love and mercy that no matter what challenges we can still experience the joy of our salvation and sing a new song for the Lord.

We are grateful to the Lord and His saints for walking the journey for the last four years with my husband Liew and I. We are thankful for his awesomeness and provision in our lives. Liew had had 5 operations within the last four years. He had an earlier operation for colorectal cancer the year he retired in 2003 and a small stroke (Transient Ischemic attack) the following year. To crown it all he is also a Parkinson patient. To the eyes of the world they would say that we are very very unlucky indeed. To Christians we believe that we were chosen to glorify the Lord; and a booklet (Grace Received for Sharing) was written recently by Liew testifying to that effect.

We would like to testify that it is so blessed to go through these challenges with the Lord than without the Lord and His people. We are grateful to our CG, our Wednesday Night prayer partners, our sisters from the Ladies Fellowship Ministry, the Karis and many brothers and sisters from PBC. We thank them for their love, concern, prayers, encouragement, visitations, financial help, technical help, running errands and helping us in innumerable ways that only Father God can provide through them. Truly He has given us more than we ask or even imagine!

We have a daughter who is married with one son in Kuala Lumpur. We have a son in US working with a technical college and also pastoring his own church. He is married with eight children and a ninth one on the way. We praise the Lord for blessing us with nine grandchildren even though only one grandson is in Kuala Lumpur. Nevertheless we are not lonely. We are surrounded with many sons and daughters from our CG and from our PBC family. We are grateful that in-spite of our challenges we have the privilege to host our CG family every Friday evening for praise & worship, bible study and fellowship. We already have one CG baby recently and looking forward to two more in the near future!

I praise the Lord that I can continue to serve in the Ladies Fellowship Ministry which helps to provide an avenue for us to have fellowship and sorority and to encourage each other in our walk with the Lord. At the same time involvement with LFM provides a refreshing change from my care-giver duties. Hope everyone in PBC will join a home group or at least join a ministry. You will receive more that you give. To God be the glory. Chew Chee Wan (Mrs. Liew Kai Leon)