One of our church members, who wishes to remain unnamed, sent our worship team an encouraging note earlier this week. This note is greatly cherished because it comes from someone who is herself enduring tremendous challenges in her life!
Here it is, reproduced with her consent to hopefully encourage you too:

Dear Worship Team,
I write this note to record my thanks and to let you know what an impact your service has on me. I attended last Sunday’s worship in pain. My joints hurt, my muscles ache and I felt lousy with each step I took. The eczema and psoriasis are healing quite well but these new pains have crept in. I was in two minds about attending service but the Spirit prodded me to attend.

And what a blessed time it was when I went to the courts of the Lord. We sang God’s profound truths and it did something to me. This is not a one-time experience but time and time again, worship has changed my perspective. I am reminded that my pain is temporary and one day I will stand before the throne of God and sing, ‘Praise and glory, wisdom and thanks and honor and power and strength be to our God for ever and ever. Amen!’ (Revelation 7:12)

I learned that I CAN ‘extol the lord at ALL times; His praise will be in my mouth, my soul makes its boast in the Lord, let the afflicted hear and rejoice.’ I share that psalmist’s experience! (Psalm 34:1-2) I wanted to let all of you who are serving in the Worship Ministry, be it in the foreground or background, know that your service matters. It has the power to transform a person’s perspective when you are led by the Spirit of God. It has the power to lift hearts, the power to heal.

Worship is the only thing that will last through eternity. And I am grateful for this gift. Thank you all for serving. May you know that what you do is vital in the Body of Christ. Serve on.
Thank you for blessing this member of the congregation.
You all made a difference.

A PBC member who wishes to remain unnamed