As a loving and caring church, we endeavour to help those in need. In today’s context, such needs would encompass the financial needs of PBC members who have children going for higher education. PBC Study Loans have thus been created as a form of financial assistance for these members.

The criteria for a student to apply for a PBC Study Loan are:

  • Parents have been PBC members and regular worshippers at PBC for at least four years;
  • Parents are active members of a PBC Care Group; and
  • The student is a regular participant in PBC activities.

PBC Study Loans are interest-free and will be repayable within five years after full disbursement, with the flexibility to apply for an extension of the repayment period.

Two designated approvers appointed by the Council of Elders will assess the applications for approval. Other terms and conditions are set out in the application form that can be obtained from the Church Office.

We look forward in faith for an increase in our financial resources, so that the scope of our PBC Study Loans can be widened in the coming years. The Church encourages students who benefit from this facility to reach out to others with similar needs in the future.