Young Adults Ministry

Pantai Baptist Church’s Young Adults Ministry (YAM) caters to young adults aged 18 to 35. Its main purpose is to cultivate a sense of community among young adults and to help each member grow and develop in their Christian walk with Jesus Christ.

We meet every Friday at 8.30pm at Morris Hall at No. 22, the bungalow behind the main church for Bible study and fellowship. Once in a while, we have a fun night, where we play games and chillax.

The members of YAM, or Yammers, are made up of a variety of individuals who are working in various industries. Some have been working for some time, while others are still in the early stages of their career.

One of the key benefits of joining YAM is having access to people with work experience who can advise and provide solutions to difficult situations in the workplace. This is especially helpful for those who have just graduated and are in their first job.

Yammers also meet up after church service for lunch on Sundays or go for mamak after the Friday sessions to catch up. There are also activities outside church, such as dinners and movie nights.

For more information on YAM, please visit our website