Our Contemporary Worship Service (CWS) seeks to deal with the social and cultural situations of our time. It is not trying to accommodate or give in to the current shifts in music, taste, and interest in society at large. Rather, it attempts to become more relevant by grappling with prevailing issues which did not surface in the past. For example, the CWS might even address some bewildering or troubling issues such as gender identity and confusion (sex change operations), the LBGT community, and wide-scale abortion.

In a nutshell, the CWS’ underlying approach and intention is to be ‘Biblically faithful and culturally relevant’. The approach is not to make ourselves avant garde or popular with the world. To be Biblically faithful, Scripture must become our bedrock or foundation. Thus God’s Word is and will always be our final authority in all matters of faith and practice.

Concurrently, we also seek to be culturally relevant. To do this, we have to ‘scratch where it itches’. Often it is said that theologians answer questions which no one is asking. Likewise it is not healthy for the church to live in its own world, becoming oblivious to the issues which impact modern society and culture. When we do not change with the times, we might find ourselves obsolete enough to be sent to a spiritual museum for people to gawk at our past splendours.

The CWS retains the core elements of the Sunday English Service, but with some modification to the musical genres to suit the younger generation. The sermons address current and controversial issues in modern society without sacrificing our Biblical convictions and principles.