Coffee Connection

We took sweet fellowship together. We walked in God’s house with company. –  Psalm 55:14

Coffee Connection is a platform for us to mingle with other church members, guests and visitors over drinks. Each Sunday from 9.00am to 9.45am, our Fellowship team will play host at the Main Foyer.

All are welcome to participate in this avenue for fellowship, especially newcomers. No worries if you are not a coffee drinker – non-caffeinated beverages will be available too. This is a perfect opportunity to catch up with old friends or say hello to people we never get around to chatting with after service, week after week, cos “My car blocking!” or “Got lunch appointment!”

With your drink in hand, you could also browse our registration tables at the Main Foyer to get details about PBC’s upcoming activities that may interest you. We can then adjourn for our 10.00am Sunday English Service to worship God together.

We look forward to having a drink with you!