Our Church Office and leaders met up this morning (11th July 2020) to show us what will happen as our Church reopens for services tomorrow! Let’s check out the following photos and their captions to understand the procedures better.

  1. As you drive into our Church, our greeters – one on each side of your vehicle – will take your temperature. This will take place at the entrance gate of No. 18 and the boom gate just inside the entrance gate of House No. 22. If all’s well, please proceed to park in our compound. Otherwise, you’ll be advised to seek medical attention immediately.

  2. At both the main and back entrances of our Main Hall, our ushers will determine which risk category you belong to (please see our CMC communique dated 7 July 2020 for more info). If you’re not in the Very High Risk group, our ushers will show you how you’ll be seated in the Main Hall (please see our CMC communique dated 7 July 2020 for more info). Before entry, please scan the Selangkah QR code with your smartphone for contact tracing.

  3. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can register your details in our log book in the Foyer. Please use the hand sanitiser provided before proceeding further into the hall. Whilst our Tithes & Offering boxes are located along the way for your tithing convenience, online transfers are encouraged (our bank account numbers will be displayed during service).

  4. Our ushers stationed in the hall will guide you to your seat. As our Elder Bryan Lee points out here, you’ll sit where the sticker’s at – not in between the stickers! During worship in song, please keep your masks on (although it’s not very comfortable).

  5. It’s important to note that you should be at your designated spot throughout service in order to maintain appropriate social distancing. After service, Elder Bryan will give directions on how we can exit the hall in an orderly fashion.

  6. If we should run out of space in the Main Hall, don’t fret – our ushers will lead you to Thurman Hall @ House No. 22! Worshippers seated here can still fellowship with one another and watch the YouTube livestream together. Our Facilities Deacon Choong Yoon Tong reminds us not to move the chairs, which our Church Office has carefully positioned to maintain social distancing.

  7. Here are examples of things we shouldn’t do: (i) chatting in close proximity with non-family members, (ii) hugging (although yes we haven’t seen each other in a while!)…

  8. …(iii) shaking hands (kinda defeats the purpose of social distancing, right?), and (iv) not keeping our masks on or wearing them properly (check out the disapproving glances from our leaders and Church Office staff!).

  9. Our social-distancing measures apply to our Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia congregations, who will use our Second Worship Hall (top) and Dayspring Hall (bottom.

Hope the above provides some clarity! We look forward to worshipping with you, either physically or via our YouTube livestream 🙏