Friday 24 December 2021
Title: Living Life to the Full
By Sally Cheong

“I am the Life” Jesus said. John 14:6

Christ came that His people may have life in all its fullness.

Spurgeon said “none of us know what we may be” for GOD’s power to transform is great. “Would you believe that the Peter of the gospels could be the same person as the Peter of Acts?” We are to pray to Jesus to make us to be what we can be. Through our own efforts, we will come to nought because a divine life requires divine power to sustain us.

The life that Christ came to give is a triumphant life, a resilient one that defies circumstances. Its end is our supreme happiness which GOD intends for His people. Don’t you want that kind of life?

Truth is, apart from Christ, we have no life. We may exist but not really live.

Christ is the great physician of our souls and the health of our countenance. When our souls are made alive unto GOD, we will experience the highest form of life. We will awake from our slumber and roar because His Spirit rouses the lion in us. Instead of ebbing away, we become effervescent and energetic. We no longer drag our feet to face another day but like the healed paralytic, we will be walking and leaping and praising GOD!

GOD’s Spirit is the oil that keeps the flame going in our hearts for real living. When Jesus said, “I have come that they might have life and have it more abundantly,” (John 10:10), He meant it. He imparts the power to live into the lives of true believers separating them from the walking dead. The Holy Spirit fills us with stamina to walk without feeling weary and to run without fainting. As GOD has protected the feet of Moses for 40 years in the wilderness, so He will do the same for us. GOD never changes. His love for us never dies. “I will never leave you nor forsake you” (Hebrews 13:5) is His promise engraved in our hearts.

Let our eyes be fixed on Jesus Christ this Christmas, thanking Him for leaving the glories of Heaven to come down to save men of dust that we may have the privilege of living in Heaven with our GOD one day.

For why do earthlings deserve to live in heavenly realms reserved for GOD and His angels? Has that thought ever crossed your mind?


Our Heavenly Father, how grateful we are that Jesus came down to give us life and life abundantly. Teach us to live as you want us to live. Make us to be all that we can be in Christ Jesus. We want to experience the full measure of the joy of our salvation.

This Christmas we seek a renewal of our faith and a refreshing of our souls by Your Holy Spirit. For we ask this in the Name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen

标题 : 活出生命的精彩

约翰福音14:6 耶稣说:”我就是生命”。


司布真说:”我们都不知道自己可能成为什么”,因为上帝改变的力量是巨大的。”你会相信福音书中的彼得与使徒行传中的彼得可能是同一个人吗?” 我们要向耶稣祈祷,使我们成为我们所能成为的人。通过我们自己的努力,我们将归于无有,因为神圣的生命需要神圣的力量来支撑我们。

基督来所赐的生命是一种胜利的生命,一种不畏环境的坚韧生命。它的终点将会是我们最大的喜乐,这是上帝为祂的子民准备的。 难道你不想要这样的生活吗?