Thursday, 23 December 2021
Title: I know Him, for I come from Him, and He sent me (John 7:29)
By Choong Yoon Tong

Christmas is the celebration of God with us. Christ, the Prince Immanuel, who is God Himself incarnated in human form came to dwell with man. In John’s gospel, Jesus repeatedly reminds us that the Father has sent Him. God sent His beloved Son to suffer humiliation, to be stripped of His divine glory and ultimately to sacrifice Himself to atone for all of man’s sin, simply because He loves us. O, what a sacrificial love that all human love pales in comparison!

God’s love that transcends all human wisdom, is given to all irrespective of race, status, or personal worth. Through His love, we learn to love one another. Love breaks all animosity and heals every heart ache. It bridges every social difference and reconciles all broken relationships.

Jesus came to reveal God. He knows God, for He came from God, and God sent Him. For no one has ever seen God but Christ came to demonstrate the attributes of the heavenly Father. God is Spirit and love. He is eternal, the Creator of the universe and He prevails over all nature. He has the power to save, to heal, and most importantly, the power to forgive sin. He feeds the hungry and even cares for the sparrow. God is holy and just. We patiently await His final judgement and victory that only the Lamb that was slain has the authority to execute.

Jesus came to bear witness to the truth. The world is blinded by all sorts of falsehood and lies; be it in politics, religion, media, and even education. Jesus Himself is the truth and He testifies that the eternal Word of God is the truth. Only when we are sanctified in the truth that our eyes and hearts are opened to the light. Truth leads to hope and peace in Christ. He is the Saviour of the world; He shall rule and reign and shall make all things new.

Jesus came to proclaim good news. He came to do the Father‘s will, seeking and saving the lost, so that everyone who believes in Christ will no longer be condemned of their sin, but receive forgiveness. The captives and the oppressed are liberated and the blind receive their sight. The sacrificial Lamb came to save us and give us abundant life. A life of joy of knowing Him and worshiping Him.

The birth of Christ is the proclamation of love, hope, joy and life. O Christ Himself is the immeasurable gift; He is the superabundant grace given incongruously irrespective of the recipient’s worth. Nothing is expected in return except for the believer to be transformed into His image.

Lord, we thank You for You are the most wonderful gift, Immanuel, God with us. Thank You, Jesus, for You came to give us love, hope, joy and eternal life. May Your light continue to shine gloriously and Your peace to prevail over all nations. May Your truth be proclaimed that hearts will turn to You for eternal life. Amen.

经文:约翰福音7: 29