Tuesday, 21 December 2021
Title: Getting Your Hands And Knees Dirty
By: Shaun Ling
Text: Proverbs 19:17

“Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed

I have often admired Christians who do not just proclaim their faith but actually flash out their faith in their ministry, working tirelessly and sacrificially. They are indeed my heroes and heroines.

I have been on the board of Malaysian Care for over 15 years now; this past weekend we said farewell to Wong Young Soon – son of our very own Aunty Betty Wong – as executive director of Malaysian Care. He had served with the Orang Asli throughout his young adult life, up until he was appointed executive director a good 8 years ago. All in all, he had given 29 years of his life for the ministry of Malaysian Care.

My wife and I have seen Young Soon and his wife Pat at work in Kampar. They faced numerous challenges but continue to serve faithfully. I bet Young Soon can write his memoirs of the work he had pioneered and see its fruits today.

Another lady formerly with Malaysian Care that my wife and I are good friends with is LJ. LJ has also served with poor communities for the best part of her life. She had started a tuition centre with her sister and today runs it with good facilities, operating at very low rates. Each time my wife and I talk to her, the first question we ask her is often, “Are you paying yourselves?”. I told her she needed to raise the fees but her response is always, “Shaun, then the kids cannot afford it and they won’t come.”

LJ does her ministry out of love for the children. She has only good intentions to provide the best quality education for these children. Her vision is not to stinge on the quality of her teachers, the facilities and the equipment. She is another heroine in the eyes of me and my wife. Thankfully, she has had so many people who understand her ministry and who are willing to help her, like her Hindu landlord. He waived the rental to the centre during the pandemic and had only recently accepted a small fraction of the rental. PBC had also sponsored laptops for her centre and gave the kids in her centre food aid and the 1000 Smiles goodie bags.

I share the above as I hope it will encourage you to get your hands and knees dirty for the Lord. There are many heroes and heroines in PBC; often these people don’t see themselves as such, but believe me, they are truly gems in our church.

I had thought I would write this final devotion on something expository and more theologically spiritual; and then I figured that what can be more spiritual than relating true stories of 2 people in our circle who are willing to get their hands and knees dirty. May the good Lord grant them good health and bless them richly.


Lord, we are truly thankful for Your providence to us. Without You, our lives are meaningless. Give us this day, and every day, the desire to serve You. Yes, Lord, we face challenges everyday but help us to lift ourselves up above the challenges that we may see what You have called us to be in Your Kingdom. Thank You for the many people in our midst that You have raised to be salt and light in the communities that we live in. Amen.

星期二, 2021年12月21日

我已经在马来西亚基督徒关怀协会任职超过15年了;上周末,我们与马来西亚基督徒关怀协会的执行董事Wong Young Soon告别了 – 他是我们黄阿姨(Aunty Betty Wong)的儿子。在他年轻力壮的岁月里,他一直为原住民服务,直到八年前被任命为执行董事。总括而言,他为马来西亚基督徒关怀协会奉献了29年的岁月。
我和妻子曾在金宝遇见Young Soon和他的妻子Pat。他们面临着许多挑战,但仍然忠心地服事。我敢肯定Young Soon很快就能写下他所开创的事工回忆录,并在今天看到它的成果。