Sunday, 19 December 2021
Topic: Service
By Elder Tan Seng Kee

Passage: Jeremiah 29:13; Ecclesiastes 4:9

This will be the last of my monthly Daily Devotion launched by PBC in March 2020. I would have written 18 devotions to date and it has been a journey which requires fortitude, commitment as well as full dependence on God for the output of each article on the Sunday of the 3rd week of each month.

I took the opportunity to pen into words my most current thoughts each time I am reminded that the deadline for the article is coming soon. Without fail and after prayers asking God for a subject to write on, I would get the idea on what I need to communicate in the devotion and once the subject matter is clear, the words can seamlessly flow.

Each article, I believe, emanates from an idea God put in my heart. Jeremiah 29:13 is a timely reminder that ‘You will seek me and find me when you seek for me with all your heart” and this is even more true when I gathered confidence over the months that God will surely come in for me to complete the devotion when I seek Him with all my heart. My picture of God becomes larger when I see His faithfulness in seemingly regular matters of my daily lives.

One of our proofreaders (a sister-in-Christ), patiently waited each month for me to send the devotion article for her to proofread the contents for grammar and clarity. This sister-in-Christ is a true example of a PBC member devoted to any area of service she is called upon to assist and admirably, excelling in what she does. There were occasions I missed out a subject topic or a bible passage for the devotion, she aptly not only pointed out the error but also suggested the correct wordings. For that, I am grateful that my task was made much lighter because I had able assistance in the ministry.

There is also a Mandarin translator for my English version of the devotion. To date I do not know who the translator is but I can imagine the painstaking efforts taken in ensuring the article in English is properly translated into Mandarin, both in the contents and intent of the article. I am deeply grateful to the pool of proofreaders and our Chinese translators and I rejoice to be reminded of Ecclesiastes 4:9 where “Two are better than one….” and acknowledge that each month my article can be transmitted because in the family of God we have fellow servants who diligently, faithfully, capably and professionally serve God in the capacity they are gifted in.

So in PBC, my call is to avail yourself to serve in any capacity if asked and you can be assured that your service will enable someone else in PBC to serve even better, whether or not you are aware of it. I have no doubt that everything we as God’s children do in ministry and in service will bear fruits for the betterment of the church, for God’s people and for the glory of God.

Dear God, I ask that You help me to accept any service I may be called to do and that You equip me to carry out such services well for Your glory. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

2021 年 12 月 19 星期日
经文:耶利米书 29:13;传道书 4:9



我相信,每一篇文章都源自与上帝放在我心中的想法。耶利米书 29 章 13 节适时地提醒我们,“你们寻求我,若专心寻求我,就必寻见“。当我在这几个月里积累了信心,深信当我全心全意寻求祂时,祂一定会来为我完成灵修时,这一点就更加真实了。



我的英文版的每日灵粮也有中文翻译。迄今为止,我不知道翻译者是谁,但我可以想象,为了确保将英文的文章正确地翻译成中文,在内容和意图上都付出了艰辛的努力。我非常感谢校对人员和我们的中文翻译人员,我很高兴想起传道书 4:9 中的“两个人总比一个人好……”,并承认我的每个月的每日灵粮文章都可以传播,是因为在上帝的家中,我们有同工,他们勤奋、忠诚、专业地以他们所具有的能力事奉上帝。