Friday, 10 December 2021
The Rock
Prathab V

1 Peter 5:7

The past few months have seen me go through one of the most challenging situations. They were many times I was at a breaking point. My family’s simple lifestyle was threatening to collapse under the weight of heavy stress.
Though unable to share details of the pain, suffice to say, the debilitating impact of fear and worry has had a near-crippling impact. There were many days I would just stare into space thinking about absolutely nothing.

In my desperation, I reached out to fellow Christians for help. While some genuinely offered help, others gave me “lectures” on what to do. But God showed me that I needed to put my trust in Him and Him alone. The body of Christ may be imperfect. But God is a Rock and He alone is one whom we can all lean on.

I learned a lot of lessons during this challenging season. I learned more about who God really is. He is our steady Rock. God is not easily moved by external circumstances and will protect us. But that doesn’t mean He is a cold iceberg and does not care for us. God acts mercifully as our Father, when we seek Him and cry out to Him.

God is my Father. He is your Father too. He is a Rock that stands steady and strong through the storms of life. Though God may appear to be silent, I am certain that He has heard your prayers and is working in the background. He is doing something. In His time, he makes all things beautiful.

God is dependable and trustworthy. He loves us deeply. All we need to do is to lean on Him in simple trust and walk in obedience. I know this because, I know what pain is. But God will see us through and bring joy into our lives.

He is there right now with you. Why not take the first step by acknowledging Him and committing your life to Him? He is the Rock that can never be shaken. You can trust Him wholly.


Lord, You alone are the Rock of my salvation. Forgive me and teach me to walk in humility and in obedience Lord. Deliver me from the various challenges that life throws at me. In Jesus’ name I ask, Amen.

星期五, 2021年12月10日
作者:Prathab V




在绝望中,我向其他基督徒求助。虽然有些人真心实意地想帮忙,但其他人却给我 “讲道理”,告诉我应该怎么做。但是上帝告诉我,我只需要信靠祂。在基督里的肢体可能不完美,但是上帝是磐石,只有祂是我们都可以倚靠的人。