Monday 6th December 2021
Will We Be Seeing Our Loved Ones In Heaven?
Pastor Soong Kok Kee

2 Timothy 1:5 ​​“I have been reminded of your sincere faith, which first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice and, I am persuaded, now lives in you also.”

When a team of Christians visited Stavropol, Russia, in 1994 to hand out Bibles, a local citizen said he recalled seeing Bibles in an old warehouse. They had been confiscated in the 1930s when Stalin was sending believers to the gulags. Amazingly, the Bibles were still there.

Among those who showed up to load them onto trucks was a young agnostic student just wanting to earn a day’s wage. But soon he slipped away from the job to steal a Bible. A team member went looking for him and found him sitting in a corner weeping. Out of the hundreds of Bibles, he had picked up one that bore the handwritten signature of his own grandmother. Persecuted for her faith, she had no doubt prayed often for her family and her city. God used that grandmother’s Bible to convict that young man.

God has no grandchildren. We must each become first-generation believers through personal faith in Jesus. But the devotion to God of a grandparent or parent is a powerful ally of His Spirit to bring our children to Christ.

Paul encouraged Timothy by recalling the faith of his grandmother and mother. Although Timothy’s faith was his own, it was deeply linked to theirs. What a great reminder for us who are parents and grandparents to be faithful in sharing our faith to our loved ones so that we will all see them up in heaven one day! Someone wrote:

​We can help our precious children
​​Follow in God’s way,
​Living out our faith with gladness,
​​Praying every day.

Once a young Christian in my church at the Wake Service of his non-Christian father asked how could he be happy in heaven knowing his father won’t be there. Indeed, how could this young man be happy in heaven knowing full well his beloved dad would not be there? Till now, I couldn’t find a good answer to that question. Chinese New Year Eve dinner is a once-a-year occasion we all expect our family members from far and wide to come back to celebrate with us. How much more we all look forward to see ALL our family members and loved ones in heaven celebrating for eternity!

Proverbs 22:6 says “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.” What have we Christian parents and grandparents been teaching our children or grandchildren? Timothy’s grandma and mother have indeed left a rich legacy for him to become what he was and thus greatly used by God. They have now of course met up in heaven and will spend their eternity recalling all those precious moments they had on earth. What a great joy that would be!

Looking through the prayer requests for salvation of many of our church members for their loved ones during the pandemic brings out this desire to meet up with them in heaven when we all get there. I think nothing on earth or in heaven will bring us greater joy than seeing them up there with us.

My wife and I have always reminded our children that no matter what happens in their life, they must never leave God, and should serve God with whatever God has blessed them with. As parents we all want our children to study hard and earn a good living and that’s right and proper, nothing wrong with that. But what good is it if they become the most brilliant or richest guy on earth if we don’t get to spend eternity with them in heaven? Will we be truly happy up there?

So, my dear brothers and sisters, if some of your loved ones, may they be children, grandchildren, spouse, parents, brothers, sisters, family members, relatives and good friends, have yet to come to know our Lord, this Christmas will be a good opportunity for us to share with them what Christmas is all about. May we all meet up with our loved ones one day in the presence of our Lord.

PRAYER: ​Dear Lord, we thank you for saving us and giving us forgiveness of sins and eternal life. For that we are truly grateful, but now Lord, we want to pray for all our loved ones who are yet to come to know you as their Lord and Saviour. One of our greatest joys and desires is to see all of them in heaven with us one day. We commit each of them in your loving hands. In your precious Name we pray. AMEN

星期一,2021年12 月6日
标题: 我们会在天堂见到我们所爱的人吗?

【提摩太后书1:5】 ​​“想到你心里无伪之信,这信是先在你外祖母罗以和你母亲友尼基心里的,我深信也在你的心里。”

1994 年,一队基督徒前往俄罗斯斯塔夫罗波尔 (Stavropol) 分发圣经时,一位当地居民说,他记得在一个旧仓库里看到过圣经。它们在20世纪30年代斯大林 (Stalin) 将信徒送往古拉格集中营时被没收。令人惊奇的是,圣经还在那里。





有一次,我教会的一位年轻基督徒在为他非基督徒的父亲守灵时问,既知道他的父亲不在天堂,他在天堂如何能快乐呢? 的确,明知自己深爱的父亲不在天堂,他在天堂怎么会开心呢?直到现在,我仍找不到这个问题的好答案。农历除夕晚宴是一年一度的盛会,我们都期待来自四面八方的家人回来与我们一起庆祝。我们更期待看到我们所有的家人和所爱的人在天堂庆祝永恒!

箴言 22:6 “教养孩童,使他走当行的道,就是到老他也不偏离。” 我们基督徒父母和祖父母一直在教导我们的子孙后代什么?提摩太的祖母和母亲确实为他留下了丰富的遗产,让他成为被上帝极大地使用的人。他们现在当然已经在天堂相会了,并将在永恒中回忆他们在世上的所有珍贵时刻。那将是多么大的喜乐啊!