Friday 26 November 2021

Title : Do you know your GOD?

by: Sally Cheong

John 14:9 Jesus said to him, “Have I been with you so long, and you still do not know me, Philip?”

The Lord’s words to Philip have a tone of sadness and disappointment.

It speaks to all of us who call ourselves Christians. It speaks even to ministry leaders and workers, all who work and serve in His name and under His banner. Do we really know our Lord?

We know about John 3:16 and why He came from Heaven to this dying world. We know about His birth at Bethlehem and His 3 years of unrelenting ministry to save souls and His miraculous healings. We know about His horrific sufferings at the hands of the Jews and the Roman soldiers. And we know too His death on the Cross and His Resurrection. We also know He is coming back again. Yet how many of us live in daily expectation of His return? Or is it just a fact that we know?

We are not waiting for Jesus to come back again, are we?

Few of us walk with the Lord as Enoch walked with GOD. Who among us can be called a friend of GOD as Abraham was called? We claim, at times rather flippantly without understanding the seriousness of it, that GOD is our friend. The question is, are you GOD’s friend?

The Lord Jesus told Philip that He had been with him so long. He knows Philip well. He knows us well too. Like Philip, we cannot say the same of our relationship with our Saviour. Truth be told, we seek Him only when we need Him. If we are blessed in material ways and have health and home, we forget Him. We are too busy to spend time with Him to discuss with Him about our lives, our dreams, our hopes and our future.

We delight not in His word as David did, meditating on it day and night. Many of us study the Bible as a duty, what is expected of us as heirs of Heaven. Not really to seek to know the Mind of GOD within the hallowed pages where He reveals His Will. How many of us hear the secret counsels of GOD whispered to our hearts when we spend time with Him away from the world?

No wonder GOD loves David so much. David was after GOD’s heart. Are we after GOD’s heart? He would know right?

Let us examine our hearts and our faith. Today. Maybe right now.

Look inside. Honestly.
Ask yourself this – Is my heart 50% GOD and 50% Me plus the world? Or is it 90% Me and the world and 10% GOD? Or it is 90% GOD and 10% Me and the world? Where do you stand?

By the way, none of the above pleases GOD. The devil is quite happy with 10% of your heart and you are free to do whatever you want with the 90%. Satan is very liberal with sinners. He knows GOD will not accept counterfeit worship so sooner or later, the devil will get all of you. GOD wants your whole heart or Nothing. He gave His all, His Only Son for a world of wretched people. So don’t play with religion. GOD is not fooled. There are consequences.

The real idol

Are you and I guilty of idolatry? Not the worship of blocks of wood or stone. We have not gone down that road nor think we will ever do so. Intellectual pride forbids us.

But we are quite full of ourselves, aren’t we? A mind that is full of oneself has no place for GOD. Man has always wanted to be their own god since the Fall. It’s a bad habit.

Religion, some think, is what GOD can do for you – give you a good life, good health, good family, good job, security from the enemy and a nice place in heaven when you die. In exchange we just worship Him once a week on the Lord’s Day, do some good works and charity, serve in a ministry when we have some time and that’s it. We are free to live as we will. Sounds like a good deal.

Hypocrites, that’s what we are.

We worship Him with our lips but our hearts are far from Him. GOD said this of the Israelites. We are the Israelites of today.

Some might get offended by this. But among us are those who will today realise that it is time to reboot our lives. Time to return to the Cross and shed tears of repentance for a self-centered life. Time to revisit His wounds and His bleeding side and cry out like Thomas – MY LORD AND MY GOD!

GOD’s Jewels

Brothers and sisters, GOD knows those who think of Him and speak to one another of His loving kindness. “They shall be Mine,” GOD said. He calls them “my treasured possessions” (Malachi 3:16) and His jewels (Zechariah 9:16). And GOD asked angels to write down their names in a Book of Remembrance. Why? When that great Day comes, and it will surely come, they will be singled out and spared from the terrors of destruction.


Our Lord and our GOD! Have mercy on us for our waywardness, our pretences, our lack of diligence to seek your Mind and your Will for our lives. Forgive us Father. Cleanse us and help us start over today.

For we ask this in the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.













顺便提一下,以上都不能讨神喜悦。魔鬼对你 10% 的心挺满意的,你可以自由地运用其余的90% 做你想做的事。撒旦对罪人是非常宽容的。他知道上帝不会接受虚假的崇拜,所以魔鬼迟早会得到你的全人。上帝要的是你的全心全意或者什么都不要。祂把祂的一切,祂的独生子给了这个世界上的可怜人。所以不要玩弄信仰。上帝是不可被愚弄的。这是有后果的。









弟兄姊妹们,上帝认识那些思念祂并彼此诉说祂慈爱的人。 “他们必属我,”上帝说。祂称他们为“我珍贵的财产”(玛拉基书 3:16)和祂的宝石(撒迦利亚书 9:16)。上帝让天使在生命册上写下他们的名字。为什么?当那个伟大的日子到来时,这一天肯定会到来,他们将被拣选出来,免于毁灭的恐惧。