Tuesday, 23 November 2021
I want to know You more
By Dr Hew Fen Lee

Phil 3:10-11

10 I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death, 11 and so, somehow, to attain to the resurrection from the dead.

This letter to the Philippians was written by Paul when he was in prison. He was imprisoned three times and this letter was written when he was imprisoned in Rome around AD61. The word “know” here means “to know personally, by experience”.

Paul had been trained by Gamaliel, the leading religious scholar of the day. Paul studied theology and knew the Old Testament inside out. Paul was so zealous about what he thought who God was that he led in the persecution of Christians, famously present when Stephen was stoned to death as the first Christian martyr.

On the Road to Damascus, he realised that he has been trying to serve God by opposing Jesus, and it turned out that this Jesus was the true God! And he says here: “NOW, having caught a glimpse of Him, ALL I want is to know Him more!”

What could be more important in life than knowing the One who created you? The One who wants you to spend (not just a lifetime but) ETERNITY with Him?

How can we know Him better? By studying His word, by meditating on His word, and by talking to Him and communing with Him in prayers. We also get to know Christ by experiencing Him, allowing Him to work through us. Many are blessed by serving God. One missionary friend was working in Korea many years ago. She shared that the biggest benefit being a missionary was to get to know God and get to know herself better through serving Him.

If we have become a Christian by receiving Jesus, Paul says that the VERY SAME POWER that came into Jesus’ dead body and raised Him to life again has now come into our life. John describes this as “born again”. That power of God working in us raises us out of our old way of living to a whole new life! The Christian life isn’t just an “improved” life – it’s an entirely CHANGED life! God empowers us to live a New Life.

C.S. Lewis wrote: “Jesus did NOT just come to make bad people good, He came to make DEAD people LIVE!”

Are we born again and living a new life? As we come towards the end of the year it is good to take stock on how we are walking with the Lord and if we live a life that reflect the eternal and final victory.

If you don’t know Jesus yet and you have been walking on life’s journey all alone, why don’t you invite Him to walk alongside you? In the new life, we are not left alone to fend for ourselves. Jesus understands the challenges we face, the temptation we have to go through, the old nature will come back every now and then to pull us back.

The last year or two has not been easy for most people and many have suffered much and are still suffering. Jesus assures us that this is temporary and would not last as the final victory belongs to our God.

God has sent the Holy Spirit to guide us, to protect us; with the same power that has resurrected Jesus from the dead; and with the same love that see God sent His son, Jesus to die for us on the cross so that we can all be born again and to have a New Life.

Dear Jesus, thank You for opening our eyes to see You. May You continue to open our hearts so that we desire to know You better, to seek You more earnestly and to serve You more faithfully. Amen.

星期二, 2021年11月23日

【腓立比书 3:10-11】
10 使我认识基督,晓得祂复活的大能,并且晓得和祂一同受苦,效法祂的死, 11 或者我也得以从死里复活 。

这封信是保罗被囚禁时写给腓立比人的。他曾被囚禁三次,而这封信是在公元61年左右,他在罗马被囚禁时所写的。“认识” 这词在这里的意思是 “通过经历来亲自认识”。





如果我们接受了耶稣而成为一名基督徒,保罗说进入耶稣已死的身体使祂复活的 那能力 ,现在也进入了我们的生命。约翰形容这为 “重生” 。上帝在我们里面工作的能力将我们从过去的生活方式中提升到全新的生活!基督徒的人生不仅仅是有所改进的人生,而是完全改变的人生。上帝赋予了我们新的生命。