Sunday, 21 November 2021
Title: Big Heart
By Elder Tan Seng Kee

Matthew 5:8

There is a young man in PBC who I named in my mobile phone contact as “B, Big Heart”.

There is a broad smile on his face most times. Totally unassuming, he serves God and people quietly. In a jiffy and at all hours he will attend to needs in a whisper. He will not think twice about driving many hours, sometimes alone to distant rural interior villages where thick jungle surrounds, even at late hours in the night. In the deep darkness or under the searing hot sun of interior Malaysia, you will find this brother, his legs deep in mud assisting villagers facing power outage, water shortage, clearing blocked muddy road tracks for motorcycles to pass, struggling with vehicles stranded in deep wet sludge or delivering needed food and sustenance provisions to places so far in the jungle only he by familiarity can find the way in.

This young man was a volunteer driver delivering essential medical aids and assistance to the recently privately organized Covid quarantine center in Kuala Lumpur to a place where some of us would even dread to drive past, what more to drive into the building on an almost daily basis.

I had the honor of sitting down with him recently and found out that in Subang, he helps out with a center that trains and teaches young people with minor incapacities to prepare and sell food so that they can eventually be independent in living their lives.

This Subang center is renting a very small commercial unit, and because of its small premise, not many young people can come on a daily basis to work and be trained there. He tells me with such enthusiasm that if there is a bigger space, more young people with minor disabilities can daily be at gainful work. Their parents will then be relieved even as they respectively age.

B, Big Heart works with children and people with needs and he draws (I assume) a modest income on a per case basis. He quickly agrees to charge less if his client is unable to afford it and I suspect he may not charge at all in some cases where the need is great but affordability is nil.

I have thought about asking him why as a young man he does what he does but I have not come to this as I fear his answer may just reveal how lackadaisical my own service may sometimes have been thus far.

Occasionally, I see him all brutally burned brown and tanned by the sun and distinctly with red blotches and patches on his arms, evident of mosquitoes and other insect bites sustained probably during one of his recent forays into the jungles. Yet, plainly on his face was his broad “impish” smile that assures us his labor was not prompted nor motivated by toil but by JOY. In PBC church and in his place of work, this young man will assist in any area when called upon, if he has the level of required competency.

I recently spent hours wondering what Jesus meant in Matthew 5:8 when he said, “God blesses those whose hearts are pure, for they will see God.” I even researched each word Jesus used there and read several notable articles on this verse and not surprisingly, those words of Jesus took on life when I reflect on the service of B, Big Heart. It became clear that a life well lived in the service of people, all created in the image of God brings glory to God and only a heart driven and compelled by the presence of God (“…see God.”?) can sustain and motivate such depth and extent of care and concern for those in need (“…pure heart.”?). Souls need to be saved but lives need to be helped as well. It is timely to probe the ‘big heart’ of this brother to glimpse what moves him.

God, please help me to live a life in service to others more needy than myself and give me the boldness and the motivation to serve others in order that God my heavenly Father will be glorified. Help me to look into other people’s interests and in serving and blessing others, I may be blessed by Jesus as one with a pure heart who shall see God. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

2021 年 11 月 21日星期日
马太福音 5:8

在班底浸信教会有一个年轻人,我在手机通讯录里把他命名为 “B,Big Heart (好心人)”。







偶尔,我看到他被太阳残酷地烧成褐色,手臂上有明显的红色斑点和斑块,很明显是在他最近一次涉足丛林期间被蚊子和昆虫叮咬过的。然而,在他的脸上明显地出现了他那明朗的 “无赖 “笑容,向我们保证他的劳动不是出于劳累,而是出于喜悦。在班底浸信教会和他的工作场所,这个年轻人会在任何需要的地方提供帮助,只要他有必要的能力水平。