Friday, 22 October 2021
Sudden illness
By: Sally Cheong

“ Come to me, all who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest .”
Matthew 11:28

In times of illness ask, “Is this Your will for me?”

A sister in Christ told me she was not afraid of death but greatly apprehensive of the suffering of illness preceding death. Dying, if swift and peaceful, is to be welcomed. She said for it takes us out of this world of trials and tribulations. There is also the futility of living long if one is alone and aged.

What about you?

Do you fear being struck suddenly with terminal cancer, stroke, heart disease or other serious illness?

What is the root of your fear?

Is it the suffering of great pain because you can’t handle pain?

Or you worry about the huge medical costs you foresee will arise, and there are financial obligations you still have like house instalments, children’s education fees, car loans or the upkeep and care of your aged parents?

Or you worry about who will take care of your children, especially those who have mentally or physically challenged ones?

Or you have always been an independent person and it vexes you to think of having to depend on family members for basic nursing care because you know you will lose the ability to care for yourself? And you can’t afford long term paid nursing care.

Or you feel you will not be able to do the things that you planned having lived in fairly good health all this time with no expectation of becoming critically ill? Illness as you know disrupts everything. You will be left struggling with decisions to make which you didn’t have to make otherwise and very little time to make it. That you feel will distress you immensely.

Or all the above and more?

What would a Christian do in the face of sudden critical illness?

We will ask the Almighty GOD why.

Because He has the answers, and we have none.

Strong Christians will also ask “Is this Your will for me?” Because we know that if it is His will for us to be afflicted with a certain illness, He will bear us up well and use it well that we might glorify Christ.

And we can hold Him to His promise that He will go with us through the fire and the flood, and neither shall consume or overwhelm us. Remember that the only thing the fire burned of the three friends in the furnace were the cords that bound them. Nothing else. Christ was in the furnace with them. He will be with us all the way in the illness given by GOD’s will.

We need not fear terrible pain for He will not allow it. Psalm 41: 3 tells us that the Lord Himself will sustain us on our sickbed. None so comforting is the care and sustenance by the Eternal GOD when we are ill. Medicine can only do so much.

As for our worries and concerns of all sorts, the Father knows. Jesus said, “ Come to me all who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest .” Rest from being tossed about regarding what will happen next.

The Lord reminds us also “ Do not worry about tomorrow,” whether it be for ourselves or our loved ones. It is not a request. It is a command. True disciples obey to their great benefit.

For financial or other needs of ourselves and loved ones, remember that “ everything under Heaven belongs to GOD ” (Job 41:11). His Hand is never shortened. Divine Providence will work in our favour when we resolutely trust in Him.

GOD will take care of our children when we are gone. He said He will teach and bless the children of the righteous. We need not worry if we have trained them up to honour GOD at all times and to walk in His ways.

Finally, “ My peace I give to you,” is the greatest blessing to a Christian who is ill. A tranquil heart is a fountain of joy. Once you are calm and assured that the Living GOD will take care of you and all your matters because you can’t, you will have time to pray and minister to loved ones and others. And what a great testimony that will be! Who knows how many souls will be saved by the sharing of an ill friend who rests peacefully in His GOD for whatever the outcome of his illness? The Lord may still heal and lengthen his days like in King Hezekiah’s life. Who knows?

Prayer :

Father, we ask for faith in times of health but especially in times of illness. Hold us up with your Right Hand and give us the Divine miraculous comfort that our souls need when we lie on our sick bed.

Help us to see Jesus when we are in the furnace of illness because we want to talk with Him like the three friends did. And grant us the peace to know You will always take care of us and our loved ones when sudden illness by Your Will comes our way. For we ask this in the glorious name of our Lord Jesus, Amen.


马太福音11:28 凡担重担的人,可以到我这里来,我就使你们得安息。















坚强的基督徒也会问 “这是祢对我的旨意吗?” 因为我们知道,如果我们被某种疾病折磨是祂的旨意,祂会与我们一起承担,让危机变为转机,使我们可以荣耀基督。





对于我们自己和亲人的经济或其他需求,请记住上帝说, “天下万物都是我的”(约伯记41:11)。祂的手从未缩短过。当我们坚定地相信祂时,属天的旨意会使你蒙神恩寵。


最后,”我将我的平安赐给你们 “是对一个患病的基督徒最大的祝福。一颗平静的心是快乐的源泉。一旦你平静下来,并确信活着的上帝会照顾你和你所有的事情因为你应付不了,你就会有时间祷告,并向亲人和其他人传福音。这将是一个多么伟大的见证啊!谁知道有多少灵魂会因为一个生病的朋友的分享而得到拯救,因为无论他的疾病结果如何,他都会在他的上帝那里享受安息?主可能仍然会像希西家王的生命那样治愈并延长他的日子。谁知道呢?