Friday, 8 October 2021
By: Prathab V

John 13:18-21

Few things cut deeper in the heart than the searing pain of betrayal. The famed British poet, William Blake once wrote: “It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend”. How true those words are, when I reflect upon what I went through at work

Several years ago, my job as a consultant, required me to interview candidates and evaluate their suitability for hiring. In one such occasion, a well-known Datuk, who held a top position in the government, introduced his nephew to me. Not wanting to be influenced, I made it clear that I will evaluate his nephew objectively and fairly.

After the interview and subsequent tests, I was impressed and made a recommendation to hire the nephew. When he joined the company, I taught the young man all that I knew and guided him step by step. He showed much promise and I liked the young man’s talents.

However, as time went on, he began to backstab in various sinister methods while undermining my authority. It was then I realised, that he was an ambitious and impatient young man who coveted my position.

As I look back on the damage that he did, I was very hurt and angry. I had trusted him but he wanted power and money quickly. He betrayed my trust and I felt lonely in the organisation. “No loneliness is lonelier than distrust,” a psychologist wrote in Psychology Today webzine a few years ago.

It was an apt description of how I felt then. Trust precedes the pain of betrayal. Without trust, any form of treachery would have lost its sting.

Still, my hurt cannot be compared to the betrayal that our Saviour experienced. Jesus was clearly overwhelmed when one of his 12 disciples, Judas Iscariot, “ turned his heel ” against him. Verse 21 of John 13 describes Jesus as being “ greatly distressed ”. Indeed, the pain of betrayal can be emotionally overwhelming.

This morning, I just want to bless my Lord for His love to me. He healed my pain and gave me hope. He also taught me to forgive graciously. Holding on to the pain will only do more damage to one’s heart.

The beautiful thing is that Jesus promises to bind the broken-hearted and give us peace.

Perhaps this morning, you have some heartache in the past that is causing much pain within you. If so, I urge you to come to Jesus and ask Him to heal the pain. He knows the pain you are going through because He Himself was betrayed. Talk to Him. He is with you right now.
Commit your life to Him and let Him be the pilot of your life.


Lord Jesus, only you understand my heartaches and the pain I have suffered. Help me not to hold on to the past. Heal me and teach me to forgive graciously. In Jesus’ name I ask, Amen.

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约翰福音 13:18-21