Friday, 24 September 2021
Hold on
By: Sally Cheong

John 21:6 The disciples ” were not able to draw it for the multitude of fishes. “

Sometimes we just can’t hold on.

Like Job, we complain bitterly and not without cause perhaps. Job was enduring great mental depression. He had reason for his sorrow. He was struck with sudden poverty and bereavement. His children had died unexpectedly. All his wealth and possessions had been taken away. He had no comforts left. He was tried to the utmost.

Job lamented to his friends, ” I do not moan or complain without cause. If I still enjoyed my former comforts, even a little of them, I will not murmur. But I am grievously afflicted.” He lost the care to breathe. All his zest for life was gone. “Why was I even born?” He asked.

Are some of us feeling like that now?

Job was faithful. God said he was. We dare not claim to have the righteous life of Job but to all intents and purposes, some feel they have not transgressed so heavily to warrant such afflictions as now. Discouraged, frustrated and angry, Job did not curse GOD but he demanded answers from the Almighty.

He just wanted to know why.

We know God answered him at the beginning of chapter 38 of the Book of Job. Not to satisfy his fancy of insight into Divine counsels but to knock him back to his senses. GOD asked Job 64 questions. At the end of it, all the wind that was blowing in Job’s heart and mind to ruffle and shipwreck his faith died down. When GOD condescends to answer our foolish questions, we can only remain silent. We come to realise the fullness of the fool residing in our bosom. Job fell on his knees and repented. He was blessed thrice over for all he lost and he lived to see his great, great grandchildren.

Job lived way before Abraham. Is there something in the gospel for us today?


In John 21, we learn that the disciples had returned to fishing after the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus, their closest friend and Master. They were waiting for the appointed time to meet him at the hills in Bethany. Meanwhile they decided to do what they used to do – fishing.

The whole night they caught nothing.

It was a long night. The pandemic is like a long night out at sea. The disciples worked diligently. They threw their nets to the left and to the right side of the boat countless times. Still no fish. Nothing. They were seasoned fishermen, not novices. Confusion and discouragement set in.

It is dawn and the net is still empty. What is happening? The world resorts to desperate measures for desperate times. Do Christians do the same?

Sudden destitution wrecks lives. It makes men cry. We have not the faith of the prophet Habakkuk who rejoiced in the Lord of his salvation even though the olive harvest fails and the barn is empty. We are lesser beings.

Then they saw someone standing at the shore. Watching them. They couldn’t quite recognise him. When we are depressed, our minds are fuzzy and our eyes of faith are blur.

He asked them if they caught any fish. If someone else had asked them, they would have blown up. But it was the voice of GOD. They answered no. The Lord then said, ” cast your nets to the right. ” The power of that command led to immediate obedience. They cast their nets to the right.

Lo and behold! There was such a miraculous draught of fishes splashing here and there that they could not draw them in. Such a multitude of fishes!

Then the disciple whom Jesus loved said to Peter, ” It is the Lord! “

Prayer :

O Lord our God! We long for that multitude of fishes to come our way. It has been a very long night for many of us Lord. We are grievously afflicted and we do not understand why.

We want to believe O Lord that it will all end well for us, those who love You and walk close to You. Help us overcome our unbelief in times like these. We have been out at sea too long now and our nets are empty. Tears fill our eyes and we can’t see You clearly on the shore.

Hurry Lord to shorten our sufferings and restore to us the joy of our salvation. Let us hear Your voice, ” cast your nets to the right. “
For we ask this in the precious Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


约翰福音21:6 耶稣说:“你们把网撒在船的右边,就会捕到。”他们就把网撒下,竟拉不上来,因为鱼很多。 



约伯向他的朋友们哀叹,“我不是无缘无故地抱怨或呻吟。如果我仍可以享受过去的舒适,哪怕只是一点点,我也不会嘀咕。但我深受折磨。” 他死气沉沉,对生活的热情也完全消失了。他问道,“我为什么要出母胎?”







在约翰21中,我们了解到,在耶稣 — 他们最亲密的朋友和主人 — 的去世和复活之后,这些信徒又重新开始捕鱼。他们在伯大尼山上等待指定时间。同时,他们决定像过去那样:去捕鱼。