Wednesday, 22 Sept 2021
Title: Let the child in you be free
By Wong King Wai

Philippians 3: 13b – Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead

Sometimes, we get caught in the cycle of self-condemnation and self-incrimination because we have done something terrible in the past. While Paul did do many horrible things in his past, he realizes he cannot focus on what he cannot change and turns his focus on the things he can change and do, with God’s help and strength. Moreover, the end goal of being with God keeps Paul motivated to do all he can for God’s glory with a positive mindset. He also does not dwell and wallow in condemnation for his past mistakes. He has forgiven himself and found his purpose.

If you struggle to let go of the past and need help to love yourself and to accept yourself, you might want to do this simple exercise. Firstly, find a childhood photograph of yourself, when you were below 12 years old. Then find a quiet place and study the photograph intently, noticing every detail of the child in the photograph. Next, close your eyes and imagine this child in a happy and wonderful memory. If you can’t find an actual memory, make up a situation.

In that memory/scenario, pay close attention to what the child is doing, follow the child wherever he or she goes, notice the expression on his/her face. Then imagine the adult you in the scene, and you and the child (which is also you) playing together and spending time together. After some time, imagine you and the child facing each other and you two hugging. Feel the love and compassion for this child. Then slowly see the child merge into you and let the love and compassion sweep over you.

After a while, open your eyes and stare at the photograph again. Then, on a piece of paper, complete sentences that start with “I am….” (for example, I am happy, I am powerful etc). Write as much as you like. After you have run out of ideas, study each sentence. Each of them describes your true essence, the pure “you” before the world corrupted your view of yourself.

Take time to reflect and think about what is revealed and ask God to help you to start living your life based on who you are, who God has created you to be. Review the list regularly to help you keep moving forward in life and do what God has placed in your heart to serve Him so you can glorify and honour Him.

God bless you and keep you, God shine His face upon you and give you peace.

PRAYER: My Father in Heaven. Thank You for being my God. Thank You for giving me a second chance. Help me to know that I have been forgiven of all my sins and that You do not hold them against me and neither should I. Guide me to serve You and to honour You in all that I do. Thank You for everything. In Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

星期三, 2021年9月22日

【腓立比书3:13下】 我只有一件事,就是忘记背后努力面前的。




过了一会儿,睁开眼睛,再次凝视这张照片。然后,在一张纸上,完成以 “我/我是…。” 开头的句子。(例如:我很快乐,我很强大等等)。您想写多少就写多少。当您再也想不出了,仔细看这些句子。它们每一个都描述了您的真实本质,在这个世界破坏您对自己的看法之前的纯净的 “您”。