Wednesday, 8 Sept 2021
Title: You belong
By Wong King Wai

John 8:35 – Now a slave has no permanent place in the family, but a son belongs to it forever.

The verse above was said during, what I can only imagine, a rather hostile situation where the Jews of the day was challenging Jesus about His divinity and identity. Of all the words spoken, this line speaks volumes about OUR identity in Christ and how that identity is what makes us sons in God’s family.

“Sons” here doesn’t refer to males but signify the rights of a son. That include females as well. Back then, ladies did not have many rights and mostly needed a male representative to deal with things. However, both males and females who believe in Christ are now called “Sons” because they both have the rights to inheritance from the Father.

For a long time, I never felt like I belonged in any group. Even Christian groups at one time. I recall feeling left out in many things and when I look back I realise I didn’t help myself by being rather awkward and needy (yes, yes, it seems so unlikely for those who know me now, but believe me, I was). Thanks be to God for His patience and for putting the right people, books and situations in my way to help me along the way.

If you’re feeling left out or finding it hard to feel a sense of belonging, remember that Jesus felt that way before too. He understands what it’s like to be different. And thankfully, He has the answers to our problems and we just have to take our cares to Him and ask Him for help. Sometimes it may seem like nothing is happening. Just like in the book of Esther (the drama there is better than a K-drama, but I digress …), you would see things happening but there wasn’t any mention of God; just people living their lives and trying to figure things out as they went. But in the background, God was working and so it is with you.

You belong to the family of God. You matter and are important in our Lord’s sight. Maybe you can’t see that now, but hang in there. Some practical things you can do is to call up the church to see if there is anyone you can speak to for counselling, if you need it. Maybe you can call up a friend that you haven’t spoken to for a while to touch base and catch up. Or maybe sing a favourite song and revel in the goodness that God has brought into your life. Whatever you do, don’t lose sight of who you are in God and trust Him to see you through all things in life.

PRAYER: My Father in heaven, thank You for making me part of Your family and a son of the Most High. Help me to remember that I have an inheritance and the rights of a son in Your family and together, we can glorify Your Name, through helpful deeds and prayers for those in need. Thank You for everything. In Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

星期三, 2021年9月8日



这里的 “儿子” 不是指男性,而是指儿子的权利;这也包括了女性。当时,女性没有太多权利,大多需要一位男性代表来处理事情。然而,相信基督的男女现在都被称为 “儿子”,因为他们都有从父继承基业的权利。