Thursday 2 September 2021
The Best for our Children.
Ps Mark.Tan

Mark 7:25-30
“Lord,…” Mark 7:28

As a father of two young children, there are times when I wonder: what can I do that’s best for them? So far the only things I can decide with certainty are: regular Bible study and discussions with them and Boys’ Brigade, of course. But for other things, if it was difficult to determine before, it’s even more difficult now with the pandemic and the lack of vaccines for them. So which would it be? Home-school, international school or government school? Should I get a music teacher now or should I wait? What diet and activities would be best for her now?

In this morning’s Gospel reading, we see a woman whose child was demon-possessed. Being a Gentile in Tyre, there were sure to be temples to many gods, witchdoctors, and soothsayers available for her to consider. As a desperate parent, I wouldn’t be surprised if she had tried them all for her child. Then one day, Jesus was in town. Hearing the amazing things He has done before, including healing a Jewish woman of her issue of blood in Mark 5, she does something that would certainly have raised eyebrows in that politically charged environment. She asked Jesus for help. In doing so she did three things:

First, she was honest of her situation (v. 26).
She didn’t care about her social status, the politics between Jew and Gentile and she was not afraid to lose face. She saw that Jesus could save her child, so she honestly sought His help.

Second, she was humble while focused.
Jesus answering her while inferring her as a “dog”, didn’t offend the woman at all. In fact she completely understood what Jesus said – that He was trying to offer salvation first to the Jews, meaning He would get to the Gentiles eventually. Nevertheless, she was determined to help her daughter and even replied saying “Lord,…even dogs under the table eat the children’s crumbs.” She knew it was unique for her, a Gentile, to ask for help, but she asked nevertheless.

Finally, she knew who Jesus was, calling Him Lord (v. 28). For her to refer to Him as Lord was not brown-nosing Jesus. It was a genuine recognition of who He is: God With Us, Saviour and Healer. So genuine was her faith, that Jesus recognised it and said “for such a reply,… the demon has left your daughter.”

Times like this, I cannot help but be grateful for the many things He has already provided: protection and providence for my family, and that His peace and salvation is as Sure and Stedfast (BB motto) as ever. Therefore I know the best I can do now for my family is this: be honest of my limitations, be humble and focussed before God, and recognise that Jesus is Lord. I hope that the same will be for you and your family as well as friends, and I pray that we remember daily like in the good-old bluegrass hymn by Alison Krauss:

Many things about tomorrow
I don’t seem to understand
But I know who holds tomorrow
And I know who holds my hand

Let’s pray:
Grant us, O Lord, to trust in You with all our hearts; for, as You always resist the proud who confide in their own strength, You never forsake those who make their boast of Your mercy; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.


题目:“ 最适合我们孩子的”
作者: 陈燕靖传道
翻译: 黄姐妹
经文: 马可福音 7:25-30

25 當 下 , 有 一 個 婦 人 , 他 的 小 女 兒 被 污 鬼 附 著 , 聽 見 耶 穌 的 事 , 就 來 俯 伏 在 他 腳 前 。
26 這 婦 人 是 希 利 尼 人 , 屬 敘 利 腓 尼 基 族 。 他 求 耶 穌 趕 出 那 鬼 離 開 他 的 女 兒 。
27 耶 穌 對 他 說 : 讓 兒 女 們 先 吃 飽 , 不 好 拿 兒 女 的 餅 丟 給 狗 吃 。
28 婦 人 回 答 說 : 主 阿 , 不 錯 ; 但 是 狗 在 桌 子 底 下 也 吃 孩 子 們 的 碎 渣 兒 。
29 耶 穌 對 他 說 : 因 這 句 話 , 你 回 去 罷 ; 鬼 已 經 離 開 你 的 女 兒 了 。
30 他 就 回 家 去 , 見 小 孩 子 躺 在 床 上 , 鬼 已 經 出 去 了 。



有一天,当她听到在城里的耶稣以前做过的奇妙事情,包括在马可福音 5 章治愈一名犹太妇女的血漏问题,她向耶稣寻求帮助这事,肯定会在那个充满政治色彩的环境中引起人们的注意。为此,她做了三件事:
首先,她对自己的处境很诚实(第 26 节)。




28 婦 人 回 答 說 : 主 阿 , 不 錯 ; 但 是 狗 在 桌 子 底 下 也 吃 孩 子 們 的 碎 渣 兒 。

称他为主(第 28 节)。* 因为她称他为主,并不是无礼的耶稣。这是对他是谁的真正认可:上帝与我们同在,救主和医治者。她的信心是如此真诚,以至于耶稣认出了它并對 他 說 : 因 這 句 話 , 你 回 去 罷 ; 鬼 已 經 離 開 你 的 女 兒 了 。這婦人的女兒真的痊癒了。

在这样的时刻,我不禁感恩神已丰富的供应并保守我们一家:以及他的平安和救赎一如既往地成为我们确认并坚定的座右铭。因此,我知道我现在可以为家人做最好的事情是:*诚实面对自己的局限,谦卑并专注在上帝面前,并承认耶稣是我的主 *。