Saturday, 21 August 2021
Title: Peace! Be Still! (Mark 4:39)
By: Chan Yew Thai

There was a great windstorm with waves beating against the boat and water filling it. However, Jesus was still asleep but the disciples were afraid. They woke Him and said, “Teacher, do You not care that we are perishing?” Jesus’ response to the sea was, “Peace! Be still!” and to the disciples, “Why are you so fearful? How is it that you have no faith?” (Mark 4:37-40)

Like the disciples, we watch in fear the mounting numbers of daily infections of covid cases. We are overwhelmed by fear upon hearing of covid infection and death of friends, family, neighbours and friendly coffeeshop operators. Our emotions are like the waves in the sea, threatening to capsize us. During our lowest, we may wonder like the disciples, “Jesus, don’t You care? Or Lord, are You still in control?” I believe and know that Jesus is in control because if He is in control of the wind and the sea (Mark 4:39) He is in control of the covid viruses. He has allowed this pandemic for a purpose. Whatever the reason is; may we not be like Peter, who saw that the wind was boisterous, became afraid and began to sink. (Matthew 14:30)

The command to the sea to be still is also applicable to us. Let us be still and know that He is God (Psalm 46:10); and keep our focus on Jesus, our mighty and victorious Saviour. Hinging our hope on Jesus, we will be able to walk on the waves of the covid 19 pandemic successfully like Peter walking on water. Therefore, do not despair when everything around us seems to be falling apart, crowding us out. Continue to place our hope in Jesus, for we have a faithful God who does not forsake us and will take us through, difficult as it may be, especially when we are in the thick of the storm.

Psalm 46:10 and 37:1 ministered to me when I was very ill, being in and out of hospital, including the ICU, with blood pressure measuring 180-220/80-90. I learnt to be still and trusted God to lead me through that period. He did it with me coming out without much “scratches”, totally not on medication though I was sick for six years, and I do not know why He chose to heal me. Being still does not mean we do nothing. On our part, we need to draw close to Him by spending time reading the Bible, praying and submitting to His will which may change our lives.

My lesson learnt from my long sickness is to draw close to Jesus, trusting that He has a plan that is far greater than mine and, in His timing, I will be delivered. Yes, my life has changed because I had to give up the job I loved, but in retrospect, I should have given up earlier. Accordingly, I would like to encourage you to cling onto Jesus whatever your circumstances or problems and to wait upon Him.

Mighty God and heavenly Father, You know what is best for us. You know our sufferings, fear and pain. Please guide us and hold on to us, lest we slip into the slippery tunnel and not be able to get up because we are overwhelmed by our environment and circumstances. Help us to keep our gaze on You alone, placing our hopes in You and removing our fears. Thank You! Thank You, Jesus! Amen!

星期六 2021年8 月 21 日
標題:住了罷,靜了罷。 (馬可福音 4:39)
翻譯 : 王靖端姐妹

“忽然起了暴風,波浪打入船內,甚至船要滿了水。” 然而,耶穌還在睡覺,門徒卻害怕。他們叫醒了祂,說:“夫子,我們喪命,您不顧麼?”耶穌對大海的回應是:“住了罷,靜了罷!”對門徒說:“為甚麼膽怯,你們還沒有信心麼?” (馬可福音 4:37-40)

像門徒一樣,我們恐懼地看著每天感染新冠病毒的人數不斷的飆升而居高不下。聽到朋友、家人、鄰居和友好的咖啡店經營者感染新冠病毒和死亡的消息,我們感到恐懼不知所措。我們的情緒就像大海中的兇濤波浪,威脅著要傾覆我們。在我們最低谷的時候,我們可能會像門徒一樣想知道,“耶穌,祢不顧嗎?還是主啊,祢還在掌權嗎?” 我相信並知道耶穌在掌控中,因為如果祂能控制了狂風和驚濤駭浪(馬可福音 4:39),祂就自然能控制了新冠病毒。祂允許這種流行疫病是有目的的。不管是什麼原因;願我們不要像彼得一樣,看見狂風巨浪,就害怕,開始下沉。”只因見風甚大,就害怕;將要沉下去”(馬太福音 14:30)。

令海”住了罷,靜了罷 !”的命令也適用於我們。”你們要休息,要知道我是神!”(詩篇 46:10);並專注於耶穌,我們大能而得勝的救主。將我們的希望專注寄托在耶穌身上,我們將能夠像彼得在水上行走一樣,成功地在2019新型冠状病毒的波浪上行走。因此,當我們周圍的一切似乎都分崩離析,將我們排擠出去時,不要絕望。繼續將我們的希望摆在耶穌身上,因為我們有一位信實的上帝,祂不會拋棄我們,尤其是當我們身處強風暴雨的時候,祂會排除万难帶我們渡過難關。

詩篇 46:10 和 37:1 在我病得很重的時候開導我,進出醫院,包括重症監護室,血壓為 180-220/80-90。我學會了安靜並相信上帝會帶領我渡過那段時期。祂真的让我復原後沒有留下太多的“刮痕”,雖然我病了六年,但完全不用再繼續吃藥,我不知道祂為什麼選擇了醫治我。”靜了罷”並不意味著我們什麼都不做。就我們而言,我們需要花時間閱讀聖經、祈禱和順服他的旨意,從而更親近祂,這可能會改變我們的生命。