Friday, 13 Aug 2021
By: Prathab V

Romans 12: 9
” Let love be without hypocrisy. Abhor what is evil. Cling to what is good. “_

No one likes hypocrites. But we all have certainly met them. Hypocrisy needs no explanation. Neither is it necessary to demonstrate and teach what hypocritical behaviour is all about.

According to Focus on the Family, one of the biggest obstacles for an individual to accept Jesus as Saviour is the problem of hypocrisy among Christians. Don Thorsen in his book What’s True about Christianity: An Introduction to Christian Faith and Practice has this to say:

“Regrettably, some of the worst hypocrites exist in churches. They claim to love their neighbour as themselves, and yet they are among the first to say disrespectful or hateful things about others due to their race, ethnicity, sex, class, education, politics or religious affiliation.” This is unfortunate indeed.

Jesus used some of the most biting words against the Scribes and Pharisees, chiding them as hypocrites. Perhaps, because of the extend of the problem, some often joke as such: “I like Jesus. It is his followers that I can’t stand!”.

As a Christian, I know many Christians and non-Christians who have faced various hypocritical behaviour from other Christians. Not all Christians are hypocrites. But it is a major problem.

Perhaps this is why Paul in his epistle to the Romans emphasises that love should be bereft of hypocrisy.

This calls for self-reflection and self-examination: Have I been accused of being a hypocrite before? Do Christians treat a popular leader differently from an ordinary church member? Have I uttered words of prejudice against another person due to his/her ethnicity or economic background? Are Christians hypocrites when they condemn homosexuality until they have a sibling who is a homosexual and then proceed to love him/her? (Note: the Bible clearly condemns homosexual behaviour).

Let us love sincerely. Forgive others freely.

The award-winning Christian author, Philip Yancey, has this to say: “Christians get very angry toward other Christians who sin differently than they do.”

We are all sinners. If we have made mistakes, do not despair. God is able to forgive our transgressions. God’s forgiveness is limitless to all who seek Him earnestly.

Today, allow the Holy Spirit to search your heart. Let God transform us little by little into the image of His Son, Jesus. All we need to do is to trust and obey Him.

Prayer :

Father God, forgive my sins, especially hypocrisy. Teach me Your ways, so that I change to be more and more like Your Son Jesus. Teach me Your ways, dear Lord. In Jesus’ name I ask, Amen.

作者:Prathab V.

罗12:9 爱人不可虚假;恶要厌恶,善要亲近。


据《聚焦家庭》(Focus on the Family) 报道,接受耶稣为救主的最大障碍之一是基督教徒虚伪的问题。唐·索森(Don Thorsen)在《基督教的真理:基督教信仰与实践概论》这样写道:

“令人遗憾的是,教堂里存在着一些最恶劣的伪君子。他们宣称自己爱邻舍,然而,他们却是最先因为种族、民族、性别、阶级、教育程度、政治或宗教信仰,对他人说出不尊重或仇恨言论的人群之一。” 这的确令人遗憾。






获奖的基督徒作家菲利普·扬西(Philip Yancey)说:“当一些基督徒觉得其他信徒的罪与他们不同时,他们就会感到非常愤怒。”