Friday, 23 July 2021
Isolation and Loneliness
By: Sally Cheong

Luke 22:43 ” And there appeared to Him an angel from heaven, strengthening Him.”

We are lonely even in a crowd.

We can feel lonely even if we are married. People think those who are married don’t experience loneliness. That is not true. The reason is because your spouse, husband or wife, does not really understand you. And it is not fair to expect that they should all the time because we don’t even really understand ourselves at times.

We are lonely even if we have a family. Ask any teen or child. Even when they are much loved by their parents and grandparents, they still feel lonely. Much more for those who have lost a parent or both, or their parents are divorced. Their deep sense of loneliness makes them reach out to friends and anyone who would listen to them.

We are lonely when we are old. Whether we are single or married, age does not discriminate. Our children, if we have any, have their own lives to live. They have no time for the aged. We were young once, remember?

We are lonely when we are suffering, whether from estranged relationships or just being alone too long. We remember Jesus asking Peter, ” couldn’t you watch with me even an hour?” He was in agony and His soul was consumed with sorrow to the point of death, yet when He needed His closest companions most, they were sleeping. Is it not a common experience that when we desperately need someone close to be with us, we can’t reach them, or they are too busy?

Illness accentuates loneliness. We have to go through it alone. Who can really understand the pain and discomfort that we feel when we are ill? Painkillers and sleeping pills only give transient relief. There is no medication for the despair of the soul when you are lying sick on your hospital bed or at home, even if there are people around.

We are lonely when we are dying. An ancient tale once said of a man who pleaded with the angel of death when his time has come, “I don’t want to go alone.” The angel told him he can bring someone along if he can find someone willing to go with him.

God has put eternity into the hearts of man that only He can fill. Nothing in the world, nothing external can fill that hollow void or emptiness inside. Not family, not friends, not work, not pleasure, not food, not things, not even death.

Man needs his God, not any god, but the one true Living God. Only Jehovah can make us feel complete in Him.

But why do Christians still feel lonely sometimes if they have found their Saviour and their God?

Ecclesiastes 3 tells us that there is a time for everything under heaven, a time to laugh and a time to cry, a time to live and a time to die….and so there is a time to be lonely.

What then is the difference between those who have Christ and those who have not, since both experience loneliness?

The BIG difference is this – an angel from heaven will minister to us as an angel had ministered to Jesus at the time of His agony in Gethsemane. We have to cry out to God the way Christ did in His hour of deepest loneliness and sorrow. He was alone without human companions but He was alone with God. And the Father sent Divine help to strengthen Him and to lift Him up to face His cross. He will do the same for us, whatever our cross may be.

Prayer :

Abba Father, how wonderful are the lives of those who live and move and have their being in You. They are never lonely for long. You strengthen them from on high and lift them up above the dark clouds on wings like an eagle.

Father, we pray for the weak in faith who are struggling emotionally, spiritually, physically, and financially during these never seem to be ending lockdowns. Strengthen them with Divine hope to carry on, hold them up with Your Right Hand, and assure them as only You can because You are GOD, that You have blessings in store for them. Even though they may be suffering now, You will restore to them these years the locusts have eaten.

We ask in the precious Name of Jesus. Amen

星期五 2021 年 7 月 23 日

路22:43 有一位天使从天上显现,加添他的力量。





当我们受苦受难时,我们感到孤单,无论是因为疏远的关系,还是因为独处太久。 我们记得耶稣问彼得,“怎么样,你们不能同我警醒片时吗?” 他痛苦不堪,他的灵魂深陷悲伤直至死亡,但是当他最需要他的战友时,他们却睡着了。难道这不是一种常见的情况吗?当我们迫切需要一个亲近的人与我们在一起时,我们却无法联系他们,或者他们太忙?


我们离世时也一人孤寂。有个古老的故事说道,当死亡天使降临时,一个男人恳求,“我不想一个人死去。” 天使告诉他,如果他能找到愿意和他一起的人,他可以带人来。

上帝将永恒注入人心,而且只有祂才能填满人心。世上没有任何的事物能填补空洞或心里深处的空虚— 包括家人、朋友、工作、快乐、食物、东西,甚至死亡。



传道书第三章告诉我们:凡事都有定期,天下万务都有定时。哭有时,笑有时。 生有时,死有时。所以这样看来,孤独也有时。