Thursday 22 July 2021
Title: Take Up His Cross Daily (Luke 9:23d)
By Choong Yoon Tong

Jesus requires His would-be followers to take up His cross daily. Contextually, the disciples would understand that the cross is an instrument of death. Rightly, it is an instrument to exterminate the evil elements and criminals in the society, to provide security and peace for the innocent. By the metaphor, Jesus desires His disciples to daily eliminate their sin that cause havoc against their peaceful righteous living.

Temptation penetrates easily through any defective screen and destroys the soul much like the prevailing virus against the body. Knowing that our own feeble will is too weak to withstand the wiles of the devil, God graciously sends the Holy Spirit in us to remind us to confide and confess to Him. We need to take up our personal cross daily, while Christ took up the cross of atonement for us, once and for all.

The cross is also a symbol of injustice of the Roman court. Pressured by the crowd, Pilate released the murderer but consented to crucify the innocent Christ (Luke 23:18-25). To be followers of Christ, the disciples know well they must be prepared to face daily mockery, shame and to suffer injustice for the calling of God. We must be ready to deny our pride and comfort to walk in His steps.

The cross also means excruciating death. Jesus purposefully sandwiches “taking up the cross” between prophecy of His death and the paradoxical eternal value of life and death. This is to forewarn that physical death is not unexpected for following Him. Notwithstanding the threat, we are also required to present our bodies as a daily living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, as our spiritual worship.


Dear Lord, thank You for taking up the heavy cross for all us sinners. Help me to take up my personal cross daily and be cleansed of all sin. Enable me to have the will and courage to follow Your way and command diligently, and to embrace any adverse condition with joy in the narrow path of Christian walk. Amen.

经文:路加福音9: 23d



十字架也是罗马法庭不公正的象征,在群众的压力下,彼拉多选择释放凶手罪犯,却将无辜的基督钉在十字架上(路加福音23 : 18-25 ),若要跟从基督,门徒知道他们要有心理准备:为着回应上帝的呼召,可能每天都要面对嘲笑、羞辱或甚至不公平的待遇;在追随祂的过程,我们可能要学习谦卑、舍弃骄傲及舒适的生活。