Sunday, 4 July 2021
Title: QT with God
By Elder Bryan Lee  李惠隆

Mark 1:35
Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.

As a young Christian decades ago, I was taught to do personal bible reading and prayer. My spiritual mentor told me I must do my QT. This is a spiritual discipline called Quiet Time. And to cultivate this discipline in me, he would knock at my college hostel room every morning and we would do our QT together for some weeks until I could do it on my own.

I have been a Christian for 47 years now and I wish I could tell you that I consistently do my QT every day. But I can tell you surely that the days I missed, and sometimes over a long stretch, were the worst days of my journey as a Christian.

During this pandemic our grand niece Naomi was born a year ago. She was two months premature and spent many days in the incubator in the hospital. There were much anxieties because she was so tiny. Naomi just celebrated her first birthday and you wouldn’t know she was a preemie. Naomi is as chubby as any healthy baby because her mother consistently fed her the baby diet daily. And so she grows physically into a very healthy one year old girl. Likewise, for us to grow spiritually, we must be fed with spiritual food. And one of the major diet is our QT. Jesus said “It is written: _‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’”(Matt 4:4)

If we consistently and diligently do our QT, I guarantee, you will grow spiritually as a Christian. It means you have to consistently set aside time with the Lord, free from all distractions. Nothing will keep you from doing this. And you must be patient, you must not be in a hurry. Some days you don’t seem to get anything out of your reading. Other times you get something but there are times where the light bulb suddenly lights up under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and you say “Thank you Lord.” God shows up.
The farmer who plants does not expect harvest suddenly. He knows he has to be patient. He plows, he breaks up the soil, he puts in the seeds and he waters and pulls the weed. He does this consistently, diligently and patiently.
And as he does this he does it expectantly. He expects a harvest, he expects to get a crop out of the ground. (2 Tim 2:6)

Similarly, you can expect a spiritual crop as you consistently and diligently do your QT. The precepts of the LORD are right, giving joy to the heart. The commands of the LORD are radiant, giving light to the eyes.(Ps19:8). As we read God’s Word and talk to Him daily, He will give us joy in our heart and spiritual vision to see beyond this pandemic.

The Bible records in Mark 1:35 that our Lord Jesus took time off the busyness and pressures of his earthly ministry and commune with the Heavenly Father in a quiet solitary place free from all distractions. We must do the same.

Brothers and sisters, the single most important time of my day is my time with my Lord. I pray it is yours as well.

Thank You for the promise that the person who delights in Your law consistently and diligently is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither. In all we do, we prosper. We give thanks in Jesus’ name. Amen.

星期日,2021 年 7 月 4 日

马可福音 1:35
35 次日早晨,天未亮的时候,耶稣起来,到旷野地方去,在那里祷告。

几十年前,作为一名年轻的基督徒,有人教导我要有个人阅读圣经和祈祷的习惯。我的灵命导师告诉我必须有个人灵修时间。这是一种灵命纪律,称为QT (Quiet Time),中文译“静默操练”或“灵修”。为了在我身上培养这纪律,他每天早上都会来我大学宿舍敲门,我们会一起有几个星期的灵修,直到我可以自己做为止。

我成为基督徒已经47 年了,我希望我能告诉你我每天都坚持灵修。但我可以肯定地告诉你,我错过的那些日子,有时是很长一段时间,也是我作为基督徒旅程中最糟糕的日子。

在这次大流行期间,我们的侄孙女 Naomi 在一年前出生。她早产了两个月,在医院的保温箱里呆了很多天。因为她太小,所以有很多焦虑。 Naomi 刚刚庆祝了她的第一个生日,而你看不出来她是一个早产儿。Naomi 和任何健康婴儿一样胖,因为她的母亲每天都坚持给她喂婴儿食谱。就这样,她长成了一个非常健康的一岁女孩。同样地,我们若要在灵性上成长,就必须得到灵粮的喂养。主要饮食之一是我们的灵修。 耶稣回答说:“经上记着说:‘人活着不是单靠食物,乃是靠神口里所出的一切话。’”(马太福音 4:4)


种植的农夫不期待突然收获。他知道他必须要有耐心。他犁地,打碎土壤,播下种子,浇水,拔除杂草。他一贯地、勤奋地、耐心地这样做。当他这样做时,他满怀期待地这样做。他期望收获,他期望从地里收获庄稼。 (提后 2:6)

同样,当您始终如一,勤奋地灵修,您可以期待灵命上的收获。“ 耶和华的训词正直,能快活人的心。耶和华的命令清洁,能明亮人的眼目”(诗篇 19:8)。 当我们每天阅读上帝的话语并与祂交谈时,祂会给我们内心的喜乐和属灵的异象,让我们能看透这场流行病。

圣经在马可福音 1 章 35 节记载,我们的主耶稣从他尘世事工的忙碌和压力中抽出时间,在一个安静、孤独、没有任何干扰的地方与天父交流。我们也必须这样做。