Thursday 1st July 2021
Title: “They were amazed…”
Ps Mark Tan

Mark 6:1-6

This short passage highlights three parties who were “amazed”. The first were those in the synagogue who were “amazed” at Jesus’ teachings. They were not only amazed at how well and clear Jesus taught. They were also astonished that Jesus was teaching on His own authority and claimed to be the anointed One who would bring God’s Jubilee. They were so “amazed”, they took offense at Jesus’ words and wanted to stone him. For further study, read Luke 4:14-30.

What caused the people’s unbelief? The hint can be found in the rhetorical questions the crowd asked in verse 3. The people could not look beyond Jesus’ flesh and humility as a carpenter’s son and truly see that Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and gained honour from God as well as men (Luke 2:52). The people had a bias to expect God’s Messiah as a great political power that would deliver them from the Romans. Their lack of trust in God, mixed with their earthly desires for a “superhero” they could control, prevented them from seeing the Lamb of God who would take away the sins of the world.

The second is Jesus Himself, who was “amazed” at their lack of faith. He was not amazed as if he was surprised and didn’t know of their lack of faith. Rather, He marvelled at the fact that even though the people of Israel experience God’s goodness first-hand, they did not believe in Him. Israel was delivered by God Himself from Egypt, from slavery, from starving, and even from enemy countries. Until today, Israel stands as a testimony of God’s goodness as well as Israel’s lack of belief in the promised Messiah found in Jesus of Nazareth.

The third group, though not explicitly described as “amazed”, were those who marvelled at Jesus’ ability and sought for Him to heal them. This group of people may seem small at first, but you will find them throughout the Gospels and Acts of the Apostles, either in the crowds of thousands being fed by Jesus, or even in the ones who were hated by society for their sin, like the tax collector, the soldier and the Samaritan woman. Their marvel was not dampened by Jesus’ appearance. Rather, their marvel was amplified seeing that Jesus did not only heal them, but He saved them from their eternal damnation, by proclaiming many a time, “Your sins are forgiven”.

While fighting to beat the pandemic, we might get disappointed with the state of our lives today. Let us not forget, while waiting for this pandemic to end, that God has already ended the greater plague which has taken so many more: the plague of sin and eternal death. He did this through the Suffering Servant, who is now our Loving Saviour, Jesus.

So what shall we do? How shall we marvel at our Saviour today? Simple: Help those in need, pray without ceasing and proclaim the Gospel without hesitation. When we do this, we will be able to be amazed again at what a Wonderful Saviour we have in Christ Jesus.

How Marvellous! How Wonderful
And my song shall ever be
How Marvellous! How Wonderful
Is my Saviour’s love for me.


题目:“ 他们何等希奇 ”
作者: 陈燕靖传道
翻译: 黄姐妹
经文: 马可福音6章1- 6节

这段简短的章节突显了三个“希奇”的群体。首先是会堂里那些对耶稣的教导感到“希奇”的人。他们不仅希奇于耶稣的教导得如此的好并且清楚。他们也很惊讶耶稣是凭着自己的权威教导,并声称自己是带来上帝禧年的受膏者。他们非常“希奇”,对耶稣的话很生气,想用石头打他。请阅读路加福音 4:14-30。

是什么引起了人们的不信?可以从第 3 节人群提出的反问问题中看出端倪。 人们无法想象作为木匠儿子的耶稣,真正看到耶稣的智慧和身量增长,为人所体现的智慧与谦卑,并获得上帝和人类的尊重(路加福音 2:52)。



在为着战胜流感疫情而奋斗的同时,我们可能会对今天的生活状态感到失望。在等待这场流感疫情结束的同时,让我们不要忘记,主已经结束了比这场更大的灾难,它带走了更多人的性命:那就是罪恶和永死的灾难。耶稣甘愿降卑,取了奴仆的样式 … 祂除了降卑 为人、为奴之外,祂更愿走上死亡的道路而成就这一切。祂如今是我们慈爱的救主耶稣。


何等希奇 何等奇妙 我要歌唱到永远
何等希奇 何等奇妙 我竟蒙救主爱怜…