Friday, 25 June 2021
Christian life and Worldview
By : Sally Cheong

Jesus said, ” I AM THE TRUTH ” John 14:6

How a person understands the character of GOD determines how he or she lives. If GOD is in your consciousness and mind, then how you reflect upon life and all that is happening to you and around you will be from a GOD-centered worldview.

In today’s culture, there is a crisis of unprecedented magnitude regarding the most fundamental of human intelligence – what is the truth?

The world says, “truth is a matter of perception. What is the truth to you may not be the truth to me. There is no such thing as objective truth. Whether GOD exists or not, it is up to you.”

RC Sproul said, ” if GOD exists, all the world’s unbelief does not have the power to destroy His existence. And if GOD does not exist, we can pray till we turn blue but we will not have the power to conjure Him into being.”

Our soul pines for the Truth in a world of lies and deceptions. We cannot make sense of what is happening anymore. Where is all this going to end up?
We want real people, real love, real relationships and real solutions to problems. We want people to mean what they say and say what they mean.
People are not what they seem to be and love is often a shallow sentiment. “I love you” is spoken without commitment. Everything is for the moment in time. Nothing lasts.

Into this dying world of illusions and disappointments, comes the reassuring words of our Lord Jesus, ” I AM THE TRUTH.”
GOD sent Christ into this world to tell us He loves us – that our lives have meaning on earth. We are pilgrims on a journey to a far better world beyond this. And the door to heaven is opened through the Cross to all who believe. That is the truth.

Man has a beginning. Genesis tells us where we came from. We need no longer ask, “Who am I ? Why am I here? What is the meaning of my life?”
All the stars in the sky and the wonder of nature in all its glory, all birds of the air and creatures in the deep seas and on land were created by GOD. For whom you ask? For man. Why? Because He loves whom He has created. That is the truth.

Though man has fallen, GOD has not. Though all seems lost, it is not. For GOD has a new Heaven and new Earth planned for man, a world where there is no more suffering, no more pain, no more sin and no more death. That is the truth.


O Father in Heaven, how far I have drifted from you that I needed to hear your words again to me today – that You love me and that I belong to You and none can pluck me out of Your Hand.

Lift my spirit up to the heavenly places and set my feet on higher ground that I may be near You, my Lord and my GOD.

Wipe the tears from my eyes for I have cried much of late in sorrow and despondency amidst depth of loneliness I have not felt before in a very long time. Send the refreshing showers from heaven upon my soul, O my Lord. I await with great anticipation of receiving them for I ask this in Jesus’ Name, Amen.


约14:6 耶稣说:“我就是真理。”




史普罗(R. C. Sproul)说:”如果上帝存在,世界上所有难以置信的东西都没有能力摧毁祂的存在。如果上帝不存在,我们可以祈祷直到磨破嘴皮,但却没有能力用魔法变出一位上帝。”




在这个充满幻觉和失望的垂死世界里,我们的主耶稣说了令人安心的话, “我是真理。 ” 上帝派基督来到这个世界告诉我们祂爱我们,而且我们的生命在世上是有意义的。犹如朝圣者,我们踏上了通向更美好世界的旅程。透过十字架,通往天堂的大门为所有相信的人敞开。这是事实。




祈祷:哦,天上的父,我远离了你,以至于今天我需要再听到你的话语 — 祢爱我,我属于你,而且无人能把我从祢的手中夺走。