Thursday 24th June 2021
Title: God is Spirit (John 4:24a)
By Choong Yoon Tong

God is Spirit! O what a sublime yet fundamental truth that Jesus reveals. God is not a material being but the Creator of all things. Without a body, dimension nor physical corporeality, God’s omnipresence fills the heavens and the earth, pervading, governing and upholding all things. Heaven is His throne and the earth His footstool. He dwells not in man-made temples nor in the idols that man has crafted. The earth could not contain His infinite presence nor could our minds fully appreciate the mystery of His spiritual wonders.

God is Spirit! The power and work of the Spirit are beyond our imagination. The eternal Spirit created all things and man in His likeness. He descends like a dove and appears in tongue of fire. He speaks to the faithful and empowers the feeble. He teaches the truth, reveals mystery and gives gifts. Humbly we admit, His triune being of Father, Son and Holy Spirit is inexplicable in human wisdom.

God is Spirit! His presence is invisible to our eyes. His personality transcends all conceptions. His being is beyond our finite knowledge and our carnal senses. Like the mystery of the wind that we know little yet it is the breath of life that kindles our souls to seek Him. By Your grace, O Lord Jesus, we are made partakers of the divine nature. O how wonderful it is that the omnipotent Spirit that fills the universe also dwells in our bodies. Praise the Lord that our spirits can commune with Him anytime, anywhere and under all circumstances. It is so amazing that His indwelling Holy Spirit searches everything, even the depths of God.


Lord, I thank Thee, for I am wonderfully made in Your image, embedded with a spirit that seeks You, and blessed with an indwelling Holy Spirit that binds me to You for eternity. I will worship You in spirit and in truth forever and ever. Amen.

经文:约翰福音4: 24 a