Monday 21 June 2021
Pastor Soong Kok Kee

Matthew 6:19-21 ​“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

There’s an old legend about three men who were crossing a desert on horseback at night. As they approached a dry creek bed, they heard a voice commanding them to dismount, pick up some pebbles, put them in their pockets, and not look at them till the next morning. The men were promised that if they obeyed they would be both glad and sad. After they did as they were told, the three mounted their horses and went on their way.

As the first streak of dawn began to spread across the sky, the men reached into their pockets to pull out their pebbles. To their great surprise, they had been transformed into diamonds, rubies, and other precious gems. It was then that they realized the significance of the promise that they would both be glad and sad. They were happy that they had picked up as many pebbles as they did, but sorry – so sorry – that they had not collected more.

I wonder if we will have a similar feeling when we get to heaven. We will definitely be happy for the treasures we laid up in heaven while on earth, and joyful for the rewards Christ will give us. But we will also experience regrets for not having done more to serve Him while we were here on earth. What are some of the heavenly treasures we can store up for ourselves while we are still here on earth?

William Hendriksen said these heavenly treasures are moth-proof, rust-proof, and burglar-proof and they will endure forever in all their sparkling luster, as the irremovable possession of the children of our Heavenly Father:

A faithfulness that will never be removed (Psalm 89:33; 138:8);

A life that will never end (John 3: 16);

A spring of water that will never cease to bubble up within the one who drinks of it (John 4:14);

A gift that will never be lost (John 6:37, 39);

A hand out of which the Good Shepherd’s sheep will never be snatched (John 10:28);

A chain that will never be broken (Romans 8: 29, 30);

A love from which we shall never be separated (Romans 8:39);

A calling that will never be revoked (Romans 11:29);

A foundation that will never be destroyed (2 Tim 2: 19); and

An inheritance that will never fade out (1 Peter 1:4, 5).

For those of you reading this who have not yet received Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, you too can have all the above treasures. I urge you to receive Jesus soonest and will be praying for you.

We praise our Lord that as His children, we already have all those treasures bestowed upon us. Truly, where our treasure is, there will also be our heart. Let us remind ourselves as children of God not to spend all our time to gather earthly treasure such as gold, or jewels which will just be construction materials we will walk on in heaven! (foundation stones, street of pure gold… Rev 21:18-21). The treasure is Jesus and His people that He died to bring to His heavenly abode. Let us invest our money, time, and talents in Him – then you will be storing up treasures in heaven. Doing good to others in love with the right motivation is what we should pursue every day of our lives till our good Lord calls us home, especially in times like this. Then and only then will we not have any regrets when we get to heaven, and like the apostle Paul, can proudly say: “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith” (2 Tim 4:7).

PRAYER: Dear Lord, thanks for reminding us not just to spend all our time in pursuing earthly treasures while neglecting heavenly treasures. Help us to spend time to love and care for people and bring them into your Kingdom. In Jesus precious name we pray AMEN.

标题: 天堂里既有欣喜也有伤感

“不要为自己积攒财宝在地上,地上有虫子咬,能锈坏,也有贼挖窟窿来偷;只要积攒财宝在天上,天上 没有虫子咬,不能锈坏,也没有贼挖窟窿来偷。因为你的财宝在哪里,你的心也在那里。”


当第一缕曙光开始划过天空时,他们从口袋里掏出他们的小石块。令他们大吃一惊的是,它们竟然变成了钻石、红宝石和其他珍贵的宝石。就在那时,他们领悟到这个诺言的意义,那就是他们会既欣喜又感伤。他们很高兴捡到了这么多的石块,但遗憾的是 – 非常遗憾 – 他们没有捡得更多。


威廉·亨德里克森(William Hendriksen)说,这些天上的财宝是防虫、防锈、防盗的,作为我们天父的儿女不可移走的财产,它们将永远闪耀着光彩:

永不收回的信实 (诗篇89:33;138:8);



一份永远不会丢失的礼物(约翰福音6:37, 39);


一条永不会断裂的链子(罗马书8:29, 30);




永不衰残的产业(彼得前书1:4, 5)。


我们赞美我们的主,作为祂的儿女,我们已经拥有了所有这些赐予我们的财宝。真的,我们的财宝在哪里,我们的心也会在哪里。作为上帝的儿女,让我们提醒自己,不要把所有的时间都花在收集地上的财宝上,比如黄金或珠宝,这些东西只是我们在天堂行走在其上的建筑材料!(基石、黄金街道… 启示录21:18-21)。这财宝乃是耶稣和祂为他们舍命要领他们到天上居所的子民。让我们把我们的金钱、时间和才干投资到祂身上 – 那么您就可以积攒财宝在天上了。以正确的动机向他人行善是我们生命中每天都应该追求的,尤其是在这样的时刻,直到我们良善的主召唤我们回家。唯是如此,我们到了天堂才不会有任何遗憾,才能像使徒保罗一样自豪地说:“那美好的仗我已经打过了,当跑的路我已经跑尽了,所信的道我已经守住了”(提摩太后书4:7)。

祷告 :亲爱的主,感谢祢提醒我们不要把所有的时间都花在追求地上的财宝上,而忽略了天上的财宝。帮助我们花时间去爱和关心人,并将他们带进祢的国度。我们奉耶稣宝贵的名祈祷,阿们。