Thursday 13th May 2021
Title: O Man of Little Faith (Matt 14:22-33)
By Choong Yoon Tong

Jesus chided Peter, “O man of little faith” (Matt 14:31) and the critics join in the condemnation in droves. As if they were experts in walking on water, preachers boldly advise, “set your eyes on Jesus, not on the waves and you will not sink like Peter.”

Yet the man of “little faith” called out to Jesus, “Lord, if it is you, tell me to come to you on the water” (Matt 14:28). He was not even sure if it was Jesus, but he knew if anyone walked toward them on water, it had to be Jesus, the Son of God. Peter knew he had no power to walk on water by himself, but if Jesus tells him to do so, he can. Despite the stormy situation, he saw the golden opportunity to step into a venture that was beyond his might and imagination. O what great faith that is!

Jesus has every right to chastise Peter of his “little faith”. Yet, many of us are like the disciples who were clinging tight in the boat. We still struggle with the waves that are tossing us around. The waves of everyday struggle to feed and care for the family, the struggle to stay safe against the pandemic, the toil to meet our boss’ expectations… We are too insecure to leave the boat. Many distractions cause us to miss the opportunity to walk to the Lord and with the Lord, the thrill and joy to walk on water.


Lord, help me to look beyond my daily struggles and open my eyes to see the opportunities to serve You and walk with You. Even if I ultimately sink, You are there to catch me. Even if it is a short skip on water, the moment of faith will help me to sail through any storm for the rest of my life.




耶稣当然有权因彼得的小信而责备他,然而我们大多数人却都像其他门徒一样,紧靠着船,在波涛汹涌下、被浪潮折腾着——每天为养家糊口、照顾家人而奔波的浪潮;在严峻的疫情下努力地保护自己;为了工作,尽量满足上司的要求而令自己心力交瘁…… 我们觉得危险,于是不敢离船,许许多多的事情令我们分心,以致失去走向主耶稣的机会,也失去与主同行、一同走在水上那份兴奋和喜悦。