Wednesday, 28 April 2021
Title: The light of Jesus
By Wong King Wai

John 1:5 – The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

In this verse, Jesus is the light and the second part of the verse refers to the world that did not understand or comprehend (some translations use these words) who Jesus is and what He brings to the world.

Jesus being the light, illuminates our lives. He offers us hope and a new way of living. But being sinful creatures, many a time we think we can bargain and manipulate God to do things our way rather than submitting to and obeying God’s way. It is only after we have truly surrendered every part of ourselves to God, can we see true transformation and growth.

As a youth teacher many years back, I recall sharing with my youth then, an illustration. Our body is like a house. After we have invited Jesus into our life, we sit in the living room, which is nicely designed and clean. But more often than not, we just keep Jesus in the living room and never invite Him to the other parts of the house including the dark areas of our life like the store room where we keep all sorts of stuff that we don’t want others to see. Or the attic where the things we don’t want to see are kept away from our own eyes.

Until we allow Jesus into every part of our house/life, we will continue to struggle with hidden sins and may come to a point where we don’t feel we want to follow God because He “cramps” our style, makes it difficult to do business or we are afraid that people will think poorly of us.

Whatever the case may be, by allowing Jesus to illuminate the dark corners of your life will help set you free from bondages, bad habits and desires that keep you from fully experiencing God’s grace, mercy and love.

Jesus’ love is demonstrated by His sacrifice on the cross. The way He died, should inform us how terrible sin is and how you and I have been saved by God paying a great cost. Such a sacrifice is not something to be flippant about nor should it be ignored. It is scary to reveal to God the things we would rather not face in the light but rest assured Jesus is not here to condemn but is here to set the captives free. It is time to stop struggling and invite Jesus into the areas in your life that needs His light to reveal what you need to surrender to Him, so that you can receive and experience deliverance and peace in your life.

PRAYER: Our Father in Heaven. Thank You for sending Jesus to the earth and to die for me. Without His sacrifice I would have no hope or light in my life. Thank You for giving me a way out of darkness. Help me to comprehend the light and to let Jesus set me free from hidden sins that hold me back from experiencing You fully. I thank You and pray all these in Jesus’ name. AMEN.

星期三, 2021年4月28日

约翰福音1:5 光照在黑暗里,黑暗却不接受光。




除非我们允许耶稣进入我们的家/生命的每一个角落,否则我们将继续与隐藏的罪恶挣扎,而且可能会到一个我们不想跟随上帝的地步,因为祂 “约束” 了 我们的作风,使我们难以办事,或者我们担心人们会看不起我们。



祷告 :我们在天上的父,感谢祢差耶稣来到世上为我而死。没有祂的牺牲,我的生命就没有希望和光明。谢谢祢给我脱离黑暗的出路。帮助我领悟这光,让耶稣把我从阻碍我完全体验祢的隐藏的罪孽中释放出来。我感谢祢,并奉耶稣的名向祢祷告。阿们。