Saturday, 24th April 2021
Title : He who does the will of God will enter the kingdom of heaven
Author: Pastor Andrew Lim
Translator: Irene Hong

In the bible, Jesus said He never knew four kinds of people.

Man has always mistaken that God looks at one’s conduct or listen to their speech to determine the endings of their lives. Some carry out kind deeds, do good works to accumulate virtue, or use dazzling words as leverage for God to exempt them from death, hoping that these would cover all their evil deeds and they would be exempted from the suffering of destruction and hell.

Man’s standard for judging people is based on behavior. Those who behave well are righteous, and those who behave badly are wicked. God’s standard for judging people is based on whether they obey God or not. Those who obey God are righteous, and those who disobey God are enemies and evil ones.

 The first kind of people that Jesus never knew: Evil doer
Jesus said : Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.

Some people only go to church three times in their entire lives: baptism, wedding and funeral. Can this kind of people enter the kingdom of heaven? Surely not. Jesus said, many will say to him “Lord”, but will not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Only one kind of people can enter the kingdom of heaven, it is the one who does the will of God.

Jesus also said, there is nothing great for you to prophesy in His name, and in His name drive out demons and perform many miracles. To prophesy, drive out demons, heal the sick—these are all miracles and great things for mankind. But Jesus said it does not mean that by doing these things you are able to enter the kingdom of heaven.
Prophesy in Jesus’s name, and in His name drive out demons and perform many miracles, calling Him “Lord” yet does not do the will of Heavenly Father; What did Jesus say to them? He said: “Then I will tell them plainly, I never knew you, Away from me, you evil doers.”

One must do the will of Heavenly Father and act in the name of Jesus; otherwise he is an evil doer. “Evil doer” in the original text is “lawless people”, that is those who do what they want. In other words, people who call themselves Christians, yet do things their own way. They go to church in the morning, jockey clubs in the afternoon and nightclubs at night, ignoring the will of God; they are evil doers in God’s eyes. Take note that there is no distinguished positions, no prestige, and whether or not a person can enter the kingdom of heaven is determined by God.

The second kind of people that Jesus never knew: those who deny Christ before men
“Whoever disowns me before men, I will disown him before my Father in heaven.”

One day, the angel said to an extremely vicious lion: “From now on, you can’t bite Christian if you see them.” The lion said, “How do I know who is a Christian?” The angel said, “They have a special fragrance, which is the aroma of Christ”. After a few days, the angel called the lion and asked: “Someone complained that you ate the bones and flesh of a Christian, leaving him with only a mouth. Why is this so?” The lion said: “I don’t want to eat Christians, but I smelled the whole body of that person, I cannot smell the aroma of Christ, except for the mouth.”

Some people only are Christian verbally, but because they are afraid of others, they do not dare to uphold Christ’s name before men, and only follow Jesus quietly. These men disown Christ before men; Christ will disown them before heavenly Father. ‘Whoever acknowledges me before men, I will also acknowledge him before my Father in heaven.’ If men consider glorious to acknowledge Jesus Christ as his Lord, Jesus Christ will consider glorious too to acknowledge his servant. Those disown Christ before men; Christ will also disown them before heavenly Father.

The third kind of people that Jesus never knew: those who are not prepared
May be you will ask: you have not died yet, so how can you tell the difference between heaven and hell? I will answer: You have not died yet, so how can you be certain or testify there is no heaven or hell? If there is no heaven and hell, there is no difference when man dies. But if there is heaven and hell, I “will be prepared”, and you “are not prepared, how great will be your loss”.

The five foolish virgins made the most sloppy preparations, knowing that believing in Jesus Christ is extremely good, but still unwilling to change their lives, still reluctant to part with the vanity of the world, and do not pursue the truth; knowing that there will be judgment after death, but unwilling to really repent and be born again. They go to church to learn some Christian etiquette or culture. Outwardly they look like Christians, but deep down in their hearts they lack the Holy Spirit. As they travel on the path of the cross, their oil lamps were not always lit. There is no proof of eternal life. Do you think you are a foolish virgin or a wise one?
The forth kind of people that Jesus never knew: those who do not believe in the Lord
The Lord Jesus never tempts and deceives us with rhetoric and “sweet words”. To follow Him is a difficult road, and there is a cost that need to be paid. Someone asked him, “Lord, are only a few people going to be saved?” He said to them, “Make every effort to enter through the narrow door, because many, I tell you, will try to enter and will not be able to. Once the owner of the house gets up and closes the door, you will stand outside knocking and pleading, ‘Sir, open the door for us.’ But he will answer, ‘I don’t know you or where you come from.’

 God will open the door for us, and we must work hard to get in. The door has been opened for you, no one will push you in, and you have to walk in by yourself. Salvation is the gift of God and the response of man. As long as we call on God, the door of the kingdom of God will open. But this is not a trap door which you fall into it as soon as you open it. You don’t need to break into the door of the kingdom of heaven, you can’t break into it, but this door is willing to open for you, but you must walk in by yourself. Although the door is opened, it was a narrow door, and you had to work hard to get in. You must be humble; you must repent, and put down the burden of sin.

Many people think that once they believe and are baptized, they think that they are all done when they enter the church and Jerusalem. In fact, when they enter Jerusalem, they are walking towards the house of God. They climb up the narrow road, come under the gate, knock on the gate, and the gate will open. After the door is opened, they must go in and continue to go up, because they have not finished their journey and have not arrived at Heavenly Father’s house. Don’t think that we will automatically arrive at Heavenly Father’s house. We have to continue climbing this narrow road until we reach the door steps of His house. When we enter this door, we will arrive at the house of God.

A person’s salvation is not determined by how deeply he knows Jesus, but by his relationship with God.

Prayer: Father God in heaven, may You sustain me and protect my heart. Let me stand firm on my faith in You. Let me always bear witness to the grace of salvation, so that I will not flinch. Let me not be afraid of man, just fear God, and acknowledge the name of the Lord in front of people, because Jesus Christ is my glory. Let me be like a wise virgin, ready to meet You at any time. Pray all this sincerely in the name of Jesus, Amen.

星期六, 2021年4月24
题目: 遵行神旨意的人才能进天国
人都错认为 神是看人的行为或听人的言语来定人的结局,有人想用善行,做好 事积德、救济贫苦、修桥铺路等,或用好的言语,以换取神免除他死亡,盼望能将其恶行掩盖从而逃脱灭亡之苦,免得入地狱。
人衡量人的标准   是根据其行为,行为善的    就是义人,行为恶劣的便是恶人;神衡量人的标准却是根据人的实质是否顺服神。顺服神的是义人,不顺服神的是仇敌、是恶者。
耶稣说:不是称呼耶稣 ‘主啊,主啊’的人,都能进天国;惟独遵行我天父旨意的人,才能进去。
有的人一生只有3次 进教堂受浸礼、结婚和葬礼的时候,这种人能进天国,肯定不能。主耶稣说,很多人称他为“主”,却进不了天国。惟有一种人才能进天国,就是遵行神旨意的人。
一天,天使对一只极其凶恶的狮子说:“从现在开始,你如果见到基督徒就不能再咬。”狮子说“我何以知道谁是基督徒?”天使说:“他们身上有一种特别的味道。基督的香气”。过了几天,天使把那只狮子叫来,问它说:“有人告你把一个基督徒身体的骨和肉都吃完了,只剩下他一张嘴,为什么是这样呢?” 狮子说:“我是不想吃基督徒的,但是那个人全身上下,我嗅来嗅去,都嗅不出有基督徒的气味,除了那张嘴巴以外。
有些人只是在嘴巴上说是基督徒, 但因着惧怕人,不敢在人面前承认主名,只是暗暗跟随便,这些在人面前不认基督的,基督将来在天父面前也必不认他们‘凡在人面前认我的、我在我天上的父面前、也必认他’人若以承认耶稣基督是他的主为荣耀,耶稣基的督也以承认他的仆人为荣耀。这些在人面前不认基督的,基督将来在天父面前也必不认他们。