Thursday, 22nd April 2021
Title: What is Eternal Life?
By Deacon Choong Yoon Tong

John 17:3
And this is Eternal Life, that they know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.

What is Eternal Life? The common answer from most Christians is “to live forever”! No doubt the English translation and the original Greek (aionios zoe) clearly supports this understanding. Yet Jesus in John 17:3 defines it specifically: “to know God and Christ himself.”

Contrary to common belief, eternal life is not about an everlasting existence but a relationship with God. We start enjoying such a relationship the moment we accept Christ in our lives and need not wait until we leave this world. Whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me HAS eternal life (Jn 5:24). Believers possess eternal life now! What a shame it is, while we have the gift now yet wait until we die to open it.

The word “know” (ginosko) means more than just a superficial or intellectual knowledge but also a deep, intimate and passionate relationship. Adam “knew” Eve, his wife, and she conceived (Gen 4:1). This really brings out the depth of relationship with God. Eternal life is a bond between the heavenly Father and us. A close bond of love, respect and obedience, saturated with bountiful blessing of wealth and wisdom. It is an affectionate friendship with God personally helping and encouraging us. God is our King, to whom we submit, adore and worship while the Sovereign protects and provides for us as His subjects. Christ is the Lord and Master while we are His willing and obedient servants and slaves.

Communication is the foundation of relationships. One needs to spend consistent quiet time or devotion time to hear from Him and to speak to Him. Our daily walk in Him will reveal His will and plan in our lives. O, how we desire to know Him so intimately that we can perceive His will without being told; just like a son that can discern his father’s inner thoughts by a mere glance at his countenance.


Dear Lord, let me draw close to You as I spend time with You daily. Let Your Spirit and Word lead me to know Your being, Your attributes and Your will in depth. Open my heart to understand and worship Your greatness and glory. Let my daily walk and prayer strengthen the bond between us. Enrich my eternal life on earth now, so that when I finally meet You in heaven, we are not strangers to each other.



什么是永生?相信大多数基督徒的回答是:永远活着!希腊原文( aionios zoe)和英文翻译(eternal life) 都支持这解释。耶稣却在约翰福音17 :3 给它作了具体的定义:永生就是认识上帝和基督本人。

与一般的想法相反,永生不是"永远存在"而是与上帝的关系,当我们决志信主时,我们便立即享有这关系,不必等到我们离开这世界时才有。约翰福音5 : 24说"那听我话,又信差我来者的,就有永生。"信徒现在便拥有永生!假如我们现在收到一份礼物,若要等到我们死后才能把礼物打开,那是多么可惜的事!

"认识"(希伯来文ginosko,英文番译knew)一词,并不是指表面或知识上的认识,而是一种深入了解、密切和亲热的关系,创世记4:1:"亚当"认识"夏娃,他的妻子,夏娃就怀孕。"注 这确实带出了人与上帝的关系是何等密切,永生是天父和我们的联系,一种很亲密、带着爱、尊敬和服从的联系,充满着上帝给我们的智慧和祝福,这也表示上帝和我们是好朋友,会亲自帮助和鼓励我们。上帝又好比一个国王,作为祂的子民,我们服从、尊敬和崇拜他,祂既供应我们一切需要,更保护我们;基督是主和主人,而我们是乐于服从及事奉祂的仆人及奴隶。




英文圣经King James Version 把用希伯来文写的创世记4:1翻译成“And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain…"Genesis‬ ‭4:1‬ ‭KJV‬‬
中文圣经和合本只意译:"那人和他妻子夏娃同房, 夏娃就怀孕,生了该隐 …"
‭‭创世记‬ ‭4:1‬ ‭和合本