Easter Sunday, 4 April, 2021
Title : He has risen!
By Elder Bryan Lee 李惠隆

Matthew 28:5-6
5 But the angel said to the women, “Do not be afraid, for I know that you seek Jesus who was crucified.
6 He is not here, for he has risen, as he said. Come, see the place where he lay.

A year of movement control order due to the pandemic has taken its toll. So a few weeks ago when the movement control was relaxed, my wife and I drove to a shopping mall nearby home. I parked the car in a nice and safe parking lot. After doing our shopping we walked back to the car only to find it missing. A sense of panic overwhelmed us. “A thief has stolen our car!” I said. We were very sure we parked at that spot. Not wanting to give up, we went looking for the car and thank God the car was there many rows away from the spot we thought we had parked. We realized we exited the mall through a different location, thus ended up at the wrong but similar looking parking row.

On that first Easter morning, Mary Magdalene couldn’t find Jesus’ body in the tomb. Yes, she went to the right tomb. The body was missing!

The angel proclaimed “He is not here, for he has risen.”

New York Times best selling author Lee Strobel was a former investigative journalist who graduated from Yale Law School.
By his own confession he was a skeptic who lived a life of immorality and drunkenness. “I was living a hedonistic and narcissistic life,” he testified later.

In the autumn of 1979, Strobel’s wife Leslie became a Christian. Intrigued by Leslie’s positive changes in her character and attitudes, Strobel launched an all-out investigation into the facts surrounding the case for Christianity. In particular, if he could prove that the Resurrection did not occur, Christianity would collapse like a house of cards. The investigation would take him nearly two years.
He wrote in his book “The Case for Christ.”……
“Setting aside my self-interest and prejudices as best I could, I read books, interviewed experts, asked questions, analyzed history, explored archaeology, studied ancient literature, and for the first time in my life picked apart the Bible verse by verse.
By November 8, 1981, my legend thesis, to which I had doggedly clung for so many years, had been thoroughly dismantled. What’s more, my journalistic skepticism toward the supernatural had melted in the light of the breathtaking historical evidence that the Resurrection of Jesus was a real, historical event.”
And on that date Lee Strobel became a follower of Jesus Christ.

The Resurrection is not a legend. Down through the centuries no one has succeeded in proving that our Lord’s Resurrection was a hoax and no one ever will. Jesus said to Martha, “I am the Resurrection and the life…”John 11:25. The truth in the Bible can never be proven wrong. Lee Strobel was totally convinced after a thorough and exhaustive investigation that lasted nearly 2 years. In his book, he interviewed thirteen leading scholars and authorities who have impeccable academic credentials.

The apostle Paul says “And if Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is in vain and your faith is in vain………your faith is futile and you are still in your sins.”1 Cor 15:14,17

The Resurrection is the lynchpin of our faith.

Today as we celebrate this historical event, remember that because of the Resurrection of our Lord we serve a risen savior. He is here with us.
And because He lives, our lives are never futile. In the living Christ we find meaning and purpose.
Because He lives, our failures are not fatal. He is the God of second chances.
Because He lives, our death is not final. He says “Because I live, you also will live.”John 14:19.

Thank you Lord for Easter. Amen.

翻譯 : 林良億姐妹

5 天使对妇女说:“不要害怕!我知道你们是寻找那钉十字架的耶稣。
6 他不在这里,照他所说的,已经复活了。你们来看安放主的地方!

由于疫情爆发,一年的行动管制令已造成了极大影响。因此,几个星期前,当行动管制令放松时,我和妻子开车去附近一家购物中心。我把车停在一个不错的安全停车场。购物后,我们回到车位上却发现车不见了。恐慌感使我们不知所措。 “小偷偷了我们的车!”我说。我们非常确定我们将车停在了那个地方。我们不想放弃,继续找车,感谢上帝,车的位置离我们原以为停的地方更远。我们意识到我们是从另一个位置离开购物中心的,因此最终到达了错误但外观相似的停车位。



纽约时报畅销书作家李·斯特罗贝尔(Lee Strobel)是前调查记者,毕业于耶鲁法学院。他承认自己是无神论者,过着不道德和醉酒的生活。他后来作证说:“我过着享乐主义和自恋的生活。”

1979年的秋天,斯特罗贝尔(Strobel)的妻子莱斯利(Leslie)成为了基督徒。看到莱丝莉(Leslie)的性格和态度积极变化,斯特罗贝尔(Strobel)对围绕基督教的事特感兴趣, 就展开了全面调查。特别是,如果他能证明基督的复活没有发生,基督教将像纸牌屋一样倒塌。这调查花费了他近两年的时间。

他的书《基督的案子》(The Case of Christ)写道:

“我尽我最大的个人兴趣和偏见,阅读书籍、采访专家、问问题,分析历史、探索考古学、研究古代文学。这是我一生中第一次将圣经的经文逐句拆解。到1981年11月8日,我坚持了多年的传奇论文已被彻底推翻。更重要的是,鉴于令人惊叹的历史证据表明耶稣的复活是真实的历史事件,我对超自然现象的新闻怀疑已经消散了。” 在那一天,斯特罗贝尔成为了耶稣基督的跟随者。


使徒保罗说:“14  若基督没有复活,我们所传的便是枉然,你们所信的也是枉然。17 基督若没有复活,你们的信便是徒然,你们仍在罪里” (林前15: 14,17)


因祂活着,我们的死亡不是最终的。他说:“因为我活着,你们也要活着。“ (约翰福音14:19)