Thursday, 21 January 2021
Who do YOU say He is?
Pastor Mark Tan

Matthew 16:13-19
When Jesus came into the district of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples, “Who do people say that the Son of Man is?” And they said, “Some say John the Baptist, but others Elijah, and still others Jeremiah or one of the prophets.” He said to them, “But who do you say that I am?” Simon Peter answered, “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God.” And Jesus answered him, “Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah! For flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but my Father in heaven. And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

The beauty of Malaysia is, like food – there is a huge variety of faith and religions from all over the world on the shores of this melting pot of a nation. Which is why, in my early days of seeking faith, I took the privilege any Malaysian has at the doorstep of his house: I considered as many of them as I could find.

Other than the truly diverse worldviews, the interesting observation I have made is that every religion has a high, sometimes, venerable attitude to the person of Jesus of Nazareth. Some call him a prophet of God, others an enlightened being of the Middle East. Some would call him a vision of God, others called him a reputable teacher of good character. This, of course, complicates things in a few ways:

  1. Jesus cannot be just a prophet, because he said things that had him accused for blasphemy.
  2. Jesus did not claim to possess truth, he claims “I am… THE TRUTH.”
  3. Jesus cannot be merely human or even a vision of God, because neither human nor vision can die and rise from the dead after three days.

In the immortal words of CS Lewis: “A man who was merely a man and said the sort of things Jesus said wouldn’t be a great moral teacher. He’d be either a lunatic on a level with a man who says he’s a poached egg or else he’d be the devil of hell. You must make your choice. Either this man was, and is, the Son of God, or else a madman or something worse.”

Therefore, let us be like Peter, who went against the majority opinion and said the truth – that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of the Living God. In being like Peter, we can also be encouraged in two things:

  1. That when we confess Jesus is Messiah and Lord, He promises that we may experience His wonders and authority in our lives and
  2. If we fail at times, like Peter did, Jesus is always near and ready to forgive and restore our faith, to confess our faith in Him once again.

Loving Father, thank You that You have drawn me with Your of love to know the Lord Jesus as my personal Saviour and heavenly Friend. I believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God, the Saviour of the world, not created and equal with the Father, yet was born as a Man – and because of His sinless life and sacrifice of Himself on the cross and His resurrection – I have eternal life. With this new life You have given me, I praise Your holy name. In Jesus name I pray,



马太福音 16: 13-19

耶 稣 到 了 该 撒 利 亚 腓 立 比 的 境 内 , 就 问 门 徒 说 : 人 说 我 ( 有 古 卷 没 有 我 字 ) 人 子 是 谁 ?
他 们 说 : 有 人 说 是 施 洗 的 约 翰 ; 有 人 说 是 以 利 亚 ; 又 有 人 说 是 耶 利 米 或 是 先 知 里 的 一 位 。
耶 稣 说 : 你 们 说 我 是 谁 ?
西 门 彼 得 回 答 说 : 你 是 基 督 , 是 永 生 神 的 儿 子 。
耶 稣 对 他 说 : 西 门 巴 约 拿 , 你 是 有 福 的 ! 因 为 这 不 是 属 血 肉 的 指 示 你 的 , 乃 是 我 在 天 上 的 父 指 示 的 。
我 还 告 诉 你 , 你 是 彼 得 , 我 要 把 我 的 教 会 建 造 在 这 磐 石 上 ; 阴 间 的 权 柄 ( 权 柄 : 原 文 是 门 ) , 不 能 胜 过 他 。
我 要 把 天 国 的 钥 匙 给 你 , 凡 你 在 地 上 所 捆 绑 的 , 在 天 上 也 要 捆 绑 ; 凡 你 在 地 上 所 释 放 的 , 在 天 上 也 要 释 放 。

马来西亚的美就好像美食一般丰富多彩, 在这国家的大熔炉边,俱有许多各种类来自世界各地的信仰和宗教。这就是为什么在我寻求信仰的初期,我善用了马来西亚人在本国所享有的方便。

除了真正不同的世界观之外,我所做的有趣的观察是,每种宗教对拿撒勒人耶稣都具有很高的,有时是崇高的态度。 有些人称他为上帝的先知,有些人称其为中东的圣贤。 有些人称他为上帝的异象,另一些人称他为有良好品格的著名老师。 当然,这会使事情变得复杂一些:


用刘易斯(CS Lewis)不朽的话说:_“一个人,只是一个人,并且说过耶稣说的那种话,不会是一个伟大的道德老师。他可能和一个说自己是荷包蛋的男人在某种程度上是个疯子,否则他就是地狱的魔鬼。您必须做出选择。这个人要么是上帝的儿子,要么是疯子,或者更糟的东西。”

因此,让我们像彼得一样,他反对多数意见并说了实话- 耶稣是弥赛亚,永生神的儿子。像彼得一样,我们在两件事上也可以受到鼓舞:



慈爱的 天父,感谢祢以爱吸引了我,使我认识主耶稣成为我个人的救主和属天的朋友。我相信耶稣是基督,是永生神的儿子,是世界的救世主,祂本有上帝的形像,不以自己與上帝同等為強奪的,反倒虛己,取了奴僕的形像,成為人的樣式。他本无罪却愿意在十字架上牺牲自己,他的复活使我得我永生。您赋予了我新的生命,我赞美您的圣名。我奉耶稣的名祈祷,阿们。