Saturday, 16th January 2021
Title: Seize the Moment
By: Chan Yew Thai

Luke 24:13-35 is the narration of Jesus with two of his disciples on the road to Emmaus having a conversation about the current events, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, that had happened.

Though they did not know the stranger was Jesus, verses 25-26 showed us that Jesus knew they did not know the scriptures, and He took that opportunity to teach them everything in the Scriptures concerning Himself, beginning at Moses and all the prophets (verse 27).

When their eyes were opened and they realised that the stranger was Jesus, they got up immediately and returned to Jerusalem to proclaim to the eleven disciples and those who were gathered with them that indeed the Lord was risen. They did not care about the distance, nor the darkness as it was late (verse 29). Neither did they feel tired making the trip back to Jerusalem, which they left earlier (verse 33).

In less than a month, the Chinese will be celebrating Chinese New Year (CNY), and tradition has it that extended family members will gather for the reunion dinner and will also visit relatives during the next few days. Given that, with the uncertainty due to COVID-19 situation, traveling and gatherings will be limited.  However, even without gatherings or visitations we will surely greet each other, probably via Zoom or telephone calls.

When we meet either physically or via technology, will we be like Jesus who seized the opportunity to share the gospel (Good News) with our loved ones, that they may be enlightened by the Word, and be like the two disciples (Cleopas and another) who were so excited to proclaim the Good News that the God and Saviour we serve is alive, for He has risen? May we follow Jesus’ example to seize every opportunity to share His Word, even in our daily conversations, and follow the disciples who were so excited to proclaim His Word, that nothing deterred their enthusiasm. Let us use these uncertainties and difficulties caused by the pandemic as a good reason and urgency for us to share the gospel and to provide hope to the disillusioned, because only in Jesus there is hope in uncertainties and bleak future.

Brothers and Sisters, waste not this opportunity since life is truly uncertain. Who had anticipated that the little invisible virus could cause severe damage globally? Therefore, may we reach out to our loved ones and friends that they too may know our Lord. We can begin by asking God to give us divine appointment, the courage, and the words to share the gospel in a nice and acceptable way.


Heavenly Father, thank You for choosing us to be your child, and granting us the honour and responsibility of the Great Commission. May we assume this responsibility seriously. However, Lord, we humbly pray for courage, wisdom, and willingness to do this. May You lead and guide us in this, and also give us divine appointment to share the gospel with whoever You have chosen and prepared the heart for Your Word. Help us not to be overly concerned about the end result of our sharing, as that is Your responsibility, not ours. Thank You Jesus for everything. In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen!

星期六, 二零二一年一月十六日
题目: 把握时机

路加福音24:13-35 讲述耶稣与祂的两个门徒在往以马忤斯路上谈论有关祂被钉十字架死后复活的有关时事, 虽然他们不知道那陌生人是耶稣, 25-26节显示耶稣知道他们不知道经文,祂就把握机会, 把经上所指着自己的话,从摩西和众先知起, 都给他们讲解明白(27节)。

当他们的眼睛开了他们认出那陌生人是耶稣, 他们就立时起身回耶路撒冷去要向那11个门徒和他们的同人宣告说主果然复活了。他们不顾路途遥远,不顾天色昏暗(29节),更忽视他们因早先才从耶路撒冷离开现今又要回去的疲惫(33节)。


当我们不管是本身或是透过科技来相会,我们会否像耶稣一样把握时机来分享福音好消息给我们所爱的人,使他们可以被真理所启发,就像那两个门徒(革流巴和友人)一样满怀激动的要宣告那位我们所服事的神,我们的救世主已经复活了的好消息呢?期望我们跟从耶稣效法祂为列把握时机,在每日与人对话里也能分享祂的道;并效法那激动的门徒来宣告祂的道,没有任何事物可以阻挡他们的热心。 让我们应用被疫情所造成的不确定和困苦为一个迫切的好理由来让我们分享福音并提供希望给那些绝望的人,因为唯有在耶稣里我们可以在不确定与渺茫的未来中有希望。

弟兄姐妹,生命是不确定的,不要浪费机会。 谁曾想过这微小看不见的细菌会造成如此严重的全球破坏? 所以我们应当向我们所爱的人来介绍我们的主。我们可以寻求上帝给我们属天的邀约,以勇气和美好的话语来分享福音,使人可以接受福音。

天父,感谢祢拣选我们成为祢的儿女, 赋予我们祢的大使命的责任。 求祢让我们看重这个责任。 主啊,我们谦卑地寻求祢赋予我们勇气,智慧及意愿的心来承担这个责任。求祢带领并教导我们,给予我们属天的约会来分享给那些祢所拣选的人,让他们预备心来接受祢的道。帮助我们不要过多的观注我们分享后的成果, 因为那是祢的责任, 不是我们的。谢谢祢,主耶稣。奉主耶稣的名祷告。 阿门!