13 December 2020, Sunday
Title: Eye Diseases
By Elder Bryan Lee. 李惠隆

For with you is the fountain of life; in your light do we see light. – Psalm 36:9

Some weeks ago I woke up one morning and to my surprise and concern my left eye vision was blurred. Thank God my right eye vision was still good so I could go about my normal routine. But just in case it was developing into a more serious eye malady I went to see an eye doctor. After carrying out some tests the doctor said, “You have a cataract in your left eye which is blocking your vision and the only way to resolve the problem is to do eye surgery and replace the lens. “
So last week I went to have the surgery done on my left eye. The skilful doctor used ultrasound to blast and liquify my natural protein lens, simultaneously sucking out the debris and leaving the eye capsule intact. He then skillfully inserted an acrylic lens into the eye capsule ensuring it sits properly within. The whole process took about 20 minutes under local anaesthetic. After the surgery, I couldn’t believe my eyes!
I told everyone “I can see !”
Thank God for the marvel of medical technology.

Without good eyesight, our world will gradually drift into darkness. Just as there is physical eye disease there is also spiritual eye disease.

As with my lens in my physical eye, our lens in our spiritual eyes can be clouded with the cataract of sin. And gradually we will drift into spiritual darkness.
Psalm 36:9b says ….._in your light do we see light. Here we have the remedy for the spiritual eye disease. We must focus our spiritual eyes on God. God is light and in Him there is no darkness.
How do we care for our spiritual vision?
May I suggest we consistently do these two “simple things”.

Firstly, read the Word of God. Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path (Psalm 119:105). As we allow God’s word to transform us, our spiritual vision gets sharper and we avoid stumbling over the objects of sin in our walk with God.

Secondly, pray. When we come before God, darkness will disappear because God is light (1 Jh 1:5). We can hide from man but we cannot hide from God. Appearing before the throne of God means coming in humility to allow His search light to shine into our innermost being revealing our true condition stripped off all hypocrisy. When that happens our spiritual sight is restored.

Like I said these are “simple things” but doing them consistently is a difficult thing.

During this pandemic, I have learnt to exercise by brisk walking. I have set a target of 8000 steps daily. You can identify with me that it takes tremendous efforts and discipline to consistently meet the daily target.

Likewise, it takes tremendous efforts and discipline to consistently practice the above two spiritual disciplines of daily Bible reading and prayer.

If we want to see things with spiritual clarity there is no other way.

In your light do we see light.

O God,
Grant me the wisdom to know that being spiritually blind is worse than physical blindness. Today help me to return to consistent Bible reading and prayer that I may see things with spiritual clarity. In Jesus’s name. Amen.


因为在你那里有生命的源头,在祢的光中我们必得见光。- 诗篇36:9

在几周前一个早晨我起床时,令我惊讶的是,我的左眼视力模糊了。感谢上帝,我的右眼视力仍清晰,因此我能够照常办事。但为以防万一,不让这情况变得更严重的眼疾,我去看了眼科医生。在进行了一些测试之后,医生说:“你的左眼白内障阻碍了视力,唯一的解决方法是进行眼科手术并更换眼睛的晶状体。 “








第二,祷告。当我们来到上帝面前时,黑暗将消失因为神就是光(约翰一书 1:5)。我们可以躲避人,但我们不能躲避上帝。来到上帝的宝座前就是谦卑自己,让祂的探照灯照入我们的心灵深处,揭示我们的真实状况,摆脱一切的虚伪。我们的属灵视力将因此恢复了。