Wednesday, 9th December 2020
Title: In Him my heart trusts
Author: Pastor Wallace Ong

Psalm 28: 7 (ESV)
The LORD is my strength and my shield;
in him my heart trusts, and I am helped;
my heart exults,
and with my song I give thanks to him.

The Bible reminds us on countless occasions about trusting God, because it’s one of the most important aspects of Christian living. He is the only One who can lead us to the right path if we trust in Him by faith. Since the beginning of the year, our PBC family has been blessed by daily devotional messages based on the Book of Proverbs and Psalms. Each day, selected verses from the two Books are used to allow us to meditate on God’s word, so that we will learn to “trust” in God. These materials also help to encourage us to live the proper Christian lives as intended by God.

Jesus’ mother, Mary, is a great example of a person who wholeheartedly trusted in God. She lived an extraordinary life and there are plenty of lessons we can grasp from her life story. The Bible recorded that one day an angel came to her with the most incredible announcement: “Do not be afraid, Mary; you have found favor with God …The Holy Spirit will come on you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you. So the holy one to be born will be called the Son of God.” (Luke 1: 30, 35) Mary was told that she would become pregnant by the Holy Spirit, moreover, the child conceived in her would be none other than the Son of God, who would be born in order that He might establish an eternal kingdom. That must be quite a “mind-boggling” news for a young Nazarene teenage girl. It’s understandable that Mary should be perplexed and asked, “How can this possibly happen, since I’m a virgin?” However, she was told that it would be a work of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, she responded, “All right, I’m the Lord’s servant. I’m open to what God wants to do with me. May all that You have said be fulfilled in my life.”

We read in detail later that in the midst of this, Mary quietly treasured up in her heart the extraordinary event yet to be fully revealed. “Young” Mary humbly submitted to God and continued to be still. She looked beyond the earthly challenges and set her mind in the divine plan of God and His kingdom. Through eyes of faith, Mary praised God who gave her insight into His amazing redemptive work to the world.

Occasionally God gives us a glimpse into His divine purpose on earth when we trust the ALMIGHTY who holds the universal in His hands – a vision that would otherwise remain hidden from our eyes. For teenage Mary, with her faith, she had gained a broader mind and clearer perspective than what most people have gained in an entire lifetime. God entrusted the DIVINE child to the care of the faithful “Young” girl who submitted her life to Him. With such faith, God will allow us to be part of the great plan, and do great things through us, for nothing is impossible with Him. In this coming Christmas season and throughout our lives, may we learn to be more like Mary and say to our Lord, “We are Your servants, let Your will be done in our lives”

Dear Heavenly Father,
We are humbled and thankful that we can come to You to pray knowing that You hear us. We ask that You strengthen our hearts as we place our trust in You completely. Oh Lord! How can we live righteous lives without Your help! Please help us find peace in You as we submit ourselves to the plans You have for us, as Your plans are always greater than our own. Please give us strength to endure and persevere even when we suffer doing the right things according to Your will. Please help us to always trust You and seek refuge in You instead of living our lives according to our own strength and wisdom. We pray all these in Jesus’ name. Amen.

星期三, 2020年12月9日


圣经在无数场合提醒我们要信靠上帝,因为这是基督徒生活中最重要的方面之一。我们若凭信心倚靠祂,祂是唯一能把我们带到正确道路上的上帝。自年初以来,我们的班底浸信教会(PBC)家庭每天都领受到依据《箴言》和《诗篇》所编写每日灵修信息的祝福。每天,从这两卷书中选取的经节都被采用,让我们默想上帝的话语,使我们学会 “信靠” 上帝。这些材料也有助于鼓励我们按照上帝的旨意过应有的基督徒生活。

耶稣的母亲马利亚是一个全心全意信靠上帝的人的典范。她活出了一个不平凡的人生,我们可以从她的生平汲取很多教训。圣经记载,有一天,天使向她作了一项最令人难以置信的宣告:“马利亚,不要怕!你在神面前已经蒙恩了……圣灵要临到你身上,至高者的能力要荫庇你,因此所要生的圣者,必称为神的儿子。”(路加福音1:30,35)马利亚被告知,她将从圣灵怀孕;而且,所怀的孩子正是上帝的儿子,祂的出生乃为要建立一个永恒的国度。对于一个年轻的拿撒勒少女来说,这肯定是一个很 “匪夷所思” 的消息。马利亚感到困惑是可以理解的,她问道:“我既是个处女,这怎么可能发生呢?” 然而,她被告知这将是圣灵的工作。于是,她回答说:“好的,我是主的使女。我愿意听凭上帝对我的安排。愿一切你所说的成就在我的生命中。”

我们后来详细了解到,在这个过程中,马利亚悄悄地把这件尚未完全揭开的不寻常的事情藏在心里。“年轻的” 马利亚谦卑地顺服上帝,继续保持沉默。她超越了俗世的挑战,把心思放在上帝和祂神圣的计划与国度中。通过信心的眼睛,马利亚赞美那让她洞察到祂给世人奇妙救赎工作的上帝。

有时,当我们信靠掌控宇宙的全能者时,上帝会让我们瞥见祂在世上的神圣目的–否则,这异象就会被隐藏,不为我们所见。对于十多岁的马利亚来说,凭着她的信心,她获得了比大多数人一生所获得的更广阔的胸怀和更清晰的视角。上帝把这个神圣的孩子托付给了一个忠心且把自己的生命交给了祂的 “年轻” 少女。有了这样的信心,上帝将允许我们成为伟大计划的一部分,并透过我们做伟大的事情,因为在祂没有难成的事。在即将来临的圣诞佳节,乃至我们一生,愿我们学习更像马利亚,对我们的主说:“我们是祢的仆人,愿祢的旨意成就在我们的生命中。”