Sunday, 29 November 2020
Psalm 19:1 – The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.
By Wong Yoke Ming

The trouble with declaring the obvious is just that – it is so obviously there all the time that we fail to see it! We have so many distractions in today’s world and they draw us away from the most obvious “declaration” of the glory of God. How is God glorified in what we see in the heavens above?

When Enzo Ferrari designed the car named after him, he designed it to be sleek and fast with beautiful lines that accentuated the contours of the car. Today, the car is instantly recognizable from the ‘racehorse’ moniker on its bonnet (hood, if you are American). It has become a racing legend over time. One 1962 model was reportedly sold in 2018 for USD 48 million!!

The Ferrari performed, and still does, in the exact way that Enzo Ferrari intended it to by design; and Enzo Ferrari enjoyed the recognition and acclaim of the designer of the Ferrari.

When David was a shepherd boy guarding his father’s sheep, we could almost envision a loving protector of the flock as he watched over them by day and by night. In the hot summer days, David would lead the sheep to higher pastures where it would be cooler. He would also have a view of Eretz Israel, the land of Israel that God had promised to the descendants of Abraham. He would gaze at the rich pasture lands and the rich flora that adorned the land below and truly see the land promised to Israel in all its beauty and diversity. And he would gaze at the sky in the stillness of night and wonder at the majesty of the night sky and the stars shimmering like diamonds in the heavens.

Today, we see the wonders of the earth and the beauty of the night sky proclaimed on a television screen. But for those of us who have been fortunate enough to have travelled, we can recall the stunning beauty of the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone Park in America, the captivating grandeur of the Alpine mountains linking the borders of Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy and France, or the wonders of Machu Pichu, Jiuzhaigou National Reserve in Sichuan Province in China and the lands where the Hobbits of the Shire lived in New Zealand (for the fans of “Lord of the Rings”) – just to name a few of earth’s wonders. And to gaze at Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights that adorn the night skies of the north pole or the land of the midnight sun in Alaska. But the most wondrous thing about such phenomenally majestic images is that they are present in a fallen world – an earth that had been cursed because of man’s sin!! We have been so accustomed to the captivating majesty of the night sky, the magnificent formations on the earth’s surface and the splendor and breath-taking roar of waters rushing down gorges – we have missed the immense natural wonders of creation!!

Not so David – as he lay mesmerized by the silent beauty of the night sky, perhaps nonchalantly tossing pebbles with his sling at imagined (sometimes real) threats to his beloved flock. And perhaps many years later, caught up in the busyness of running a kingdom, he looks upwards and sees the majesty that moved him to write: “The heavens declare the glory of God”.

What have we missed as we get caught up in the frenzy of a world spinning faster and faster and as we marvel at man’s genius in inventing?

And if, in our imagination, we can recapture the wonders that David saw in a world invaded by sin and corruption, can we just even envision the unsurpassed beauty of creation when it has been fully restored to the glory of God the Creator? The answer is we cannot because we have never ever seen such scenes. But David marveled over God’s creation that glorify Him even in a cursed state, and yearned for the perfection of creation united in its Creator.

David wrote “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork”, and now “Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O LORD, my rock and my redeemer”.


Heavenly Father, David proclaimed the wonders of Your creation as he shepherded his flock. Our prayer, Lord, is that we proclaim the Good Shepherd, even as we strive to know Your voice and submit to Your rod and staff. We pray this in the name that is above all other names, Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior. Amen.


诗篇19:1 诸天述说神的荣耀,穹苍传扬他的手段。

述说显而易见的事情是不容易的:正因为它就在眼前,所以我们才一直无法看见! 在当今世界,我们有太多的干扰,它们使我们远离上帝荣耀的最明显”宣言”。诸天如何使上帝得荣耀?

当恩佐·法拉利(Enzo Ferrari)设计以他的名字命名的汽车时,他的设计线条流畅,速度快,优美的线条突出了汽车的轮廓。 如今,从引擎盖上的“赛马( racehorse)”绰号可以立即辨认出该车。 随着时间的流逝,它已成为赛车界的传奇。 据报道,1962年的一款车型于2018年以4,800万美元的价格售出!法拉利(Ferrari) 是按照以恩佐·法拉利(Enzo Ferrari ) 所设计的精确方式操作,并一直是如此。恩佐·法拉利享有身为法拉利设计师的认可和好评。

当大卫是一个牧童守护他父亲的羊群时,我们几乎可以想象一个充满爱心的羊群保护者,因为他白天和晚上看着他们。 在炎热的夏天,大卫会带领羊到更高的牧场,那里会更凉爽。他也会看到依瑞兹以色列,这是上帝向亚伯拉罕的后裔应许的以色列土地。他会凝视到下面这片土地上丰富的牧场和丰富的植物,并真正看到了应许给以色列所有美丽和多种多样的土地。他也会在黑夜的寂静中凝视天空,并惊叹于夜空的威严和天上闪烁着像钻石的星星。

今天,我们在电视屏幕上看到地球的奇迹和夜空的美丽。 但对于我们这些有幸旅行过的人来说,我们可以回忆起美国的大峡谷和黄石公园的壮丽美景,连接瑞士、奥地利、德国、意大利和法国边界的阿尔卑斯山的迷人壮丽,或者中国四川省的九寨沟国家保护区马丘比丘的奇观,以及新西兰的夏尔哈比人居住的土地(对于”指环王”的粉丝来说)–仅举出几例地球奇观。 并且凝视装饰北极的夜空或午夜太阳在阿拉斯加土地的北极光。 但是,最奇妙的事情是这种惊人的雄伟画面是存在于一个堕落的世界,一个已经因人的罪被诅咒的地球!!我们已经习惯了夜空的迷人威严,地球表面宏伟的地层和水冲下峡谷的辉煌和令人叹为观止的咆哮声—我们错过了创造的巨大自然奇观!!

大卫不是这样的–他躺在那儿,被夜空的寂静之美迷住了,也许是不动声色地想象着(有时是真实的),用投石器对那些威胁他心爱的羊群抛小石头。 也许很多年后,陷入了一个王国的忙碌中,他向上看,使他感动地写:”诸天述说神的荣耀”。


假如我们在想象中可以重拾大卫在一个被罪恶和腐败侵袭的世界中所看到的奇观,那么我们也能否想象到受造物无与伦比的美丽,当它们完全恢复到造物主上帝的荣耀里? 答案是我们不能,因为我们从未见过这样的场景。 但大卫对神的创造赞叹不已,即使在被诅咒的状态下也能荣耀他,并在造物主里渴望创造的完美。

大卫写 “诸天述说神的荣耀,穹苍传扬他的手段 ” ,并且现在“ 耶和华我的磐石,我的救赎主啊,愿我口中的言语、心里的意念在你面前蒙悦纳。”

祷告:天父,大卫在牧养他的羊群时,传扬了你创造的奇妙。 主啊,我们的祷告是我们要传扬好牧人。同时,我们要努力认清你的声音,并顺服你的杖和杆。 我们奉耶稣基督,神的儿子,救主的名,就是高于所有其他名字的名祷告。 阿门。