Monday 9th November 2020
Title: Glorifying God with our Lives
By: Ps. Soong Kok Kee

Psalm 3:3
But you are a shield around me, O Lord; you bestow glory on me and lift up my head.

Last Monday, I said that Psalm 3 and 4 are closely connected, as David fled from his palace from none other than his own son, Absalom (2 Sam. 15-18) and a host of other traitors who were also after his life. Yet, in spite of that environment and circumstances, he was still able to sleep in peace and safety, knowing and trusting full well that his God is looking after him. No wonder God had said David was a man after His own heart.

How can we glorify God with our lives? The word glory is the translation of a Hebrew word meaning “weight” or “significance.” Some people measure their worth by beauty, some by intelligence, some by how much money they have in the bank, or the amount of possessions they owned, the power they can wield with a snap of their fingers, or prestige with a string of titles after their names. The list goes on and on.

But here, King David found his security and worth in God. Surrounded by all his enemies, many would be discouraged and depressed, but David found strength and comfort with these words: “But you are a shield around me, O Lord; you bestow glory on me and lift up my head”. David’s action of trust and faith brings glory to God’s name. Isa 43:7 tells us that God created us for His glory – “everyone who is called by my name, whom I created for my glory, whom I formed and made”.

You see my dear brothers and sisters, when we live our lives trusting God and having faith in Him, in spite of difficult environment and circumstances, we bring glory to Him. But when we sin, especially now that we are Christians, and do things that displease and dishonour Him, we bring shame to His name and fall short of His glory “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,” Rom 3:23.

May Psalm 3:3 bring peace and comfort to our hearts, especially in this time of the pandemic. No one knows when the pandemic will end or whether Covid 19 is here to stay. People are still dying daily, by the thousands, and the vaccine is still far off. Our economy is in really bad shape while our politicians are fighting for power and control. Businesses are closing down, causing thousands to lose their jobs. There doesn’t seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel as far as we can see.

As His children, let us always remember our God is our shield and He will protect us from whatever is thrown at us. At the end of it all, we will be able to lift up our heads, to His glory, as we live our lives trusting Him completely. We will all come out of this pandemic, smelling like roses, in His own time, in His own way.


Father God, help us all to glorify you with the thoughts we think, the actions we do and the words we say during this time of the pandemic. Help us to be truly worthy of the sacrifice you made for us on that cruel cross.

Forgive us when we sin and pick us up when we fall. No matter how bad the environment and circumstances may be, please help us to have faith and trust in you, like your servant David. We do not want to do anything that displeases you or dishonours your name.

Help us to glorify your name by looking around us to see how we can help to bless those who have less. Help us to love them with your love and provide them with the blessings you have so richly and bountifully bestowed upon us. Help us to truly live out “it’s more blessed to give than to receive”.

In Jesus’ name we pray, AMEN.




我们如何能以生命来荣耀上帝?荣耀一词在希伯来语单词的翻译,意为 “重量” 或 “意义” 。有些人以美貌来衡量自己的价值,有些以智力来衡量,有些则以他们在银行中有多少钱或者他们拥有的财产的数量、他们打个响指就能行使的权力,或是他们名字后面一系列的头衔的威望来衡量自己的价值。这单子的例子不胜枚举。

但是在这里,大卫王在上帝那里找到了自己的安全感和意义。当被敌人包围时,许多人会灰心和沮丧,但大卫却从这些话找到了力量和安慰:“主啊,但你耶和华是我四围的盾牌,是我的荣耀,又是叫我抬起头来的。” 大卫的信心和倚靠的行为荣耀了上帝的名。赛43:7告诉我们,上帝为祂的荣耀创造了我们 -【赛43:7】”就是凡称为我名下的人,是我为自己的荣耀创造的,是我所作成、所造作的。”

亲爱的兄弟姐妹,要知道, 当我们的生命活出信靠上帝并对祂有信心时,尽管我们在艰难的环境和情况下,我们乃是在荣耀上帝。但是当我们犯罪时,尤其我们既已是基督徒,做些使祂不悦和羞辱的事,我们就是使上帝的名蒙羞,并且亏缺了祂的荣耀 “因为世人都犯了罪,亏缺了神的荣耀” (罗3:23)。



当我们犯罪时,求祢赦免我们,当我们跌倒时,求祢扶持我们。无论环境和情况如何恶劣,求帮助我们对祢有信心,倚靠祢 ,像祢的仆人大卫一样。我们不想做任何不讨祢喜悦或羞辱祢名字的事情。
帮助我们以祢的爱去爱他们,并供应给他们祢所赋予我们如此丰饶的祝福。帮助我们真正活出 “施比受更为有福”。奉耶稣的名祷告,阿们。